Effective Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss

5 Helpful and Effective Ayurvedic Products to Get Beautiful Hair

Hair plays a vital role in a woman as well as man’s appealing look. The bitter reality is that today’s modern lifestyle has cursed us with damaged and rough hair.

Why Hair Problems: Extreme pollution, chemical filled shampoos & various other factors are responsible for different hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, etc.

Further, blow-drying, chemical-laden colours, conditioners and different hair styling sprays have wreaked havoc on the hair.

As per Ayurveda, beautiful hair has strong relation with our dinner table. So what we eat and how we eat affects your hair. By mending your eating habits, you can improve the quality of your hair.

Traditionally hair has been associated with the well-being. As in today’s time, when we are not even getting pure food, relying on just healthy food cannot ensure beautiful hair.

In this situation, “ayurvedic herbs and hair treatments” come as a rescue and help people get healthy hair. There are many ayurvedic herbs like bhringaraj, neem etc. which have been used as hair care products since ancient times to get long, thick and black hair.


Bhringaraj ayurvedic herbs

Every ingredient in the ayurvedic hair products has its own features. For instance, Bhringaraj calms down pitta dosha and strengthens hair growth. This also controls premature hair loss and greying, which is caused by pitta imbalance. It cleans impurities and promotes the natural colour and shine of the hair.


Reetha ayurvedic herbs

Ritha or soap nuts are other effective ayurvedic ingredients for hair care that have been used by the women for centuries. Most of the ayurvedic hair products have ritha to promote hair growth and strength. The best part about ritha is that you can use it regularly without any damage to your hair. This works both as a cleanser and conditioner for your hair. Women who don’t want to use shampoo every day can opt for ritha.


Brahmi ayurvedic herbs

This is a great ayurvedic ingredient for strong and long hair. It directly works on the roots and promotes new follicle growth. If you want to get lustrous and thick hair, use Brahmi or hair care products made from this regularly. If you are looking for an effective and permanent solution for dandruff, Brahmi is a panacea for you.This is a magical hair care product for shiny, long, dandruff free, thick and lustrous hair.

Ayurvedic oils

For the people who cannot use different ayurvedic products separately, there are varied ayurvedic oils made for ingredients like coconut, almond, Brahmi etc. There are Ayurveda online shops having a collection of different oils for varied hair types. A good massage of hot ayurvedic oil can help you get great hair just in six months. Whether you have dandruff problem or hair fall problem, these oils have a magical effect on you.


Shikakai ayurvedic herbs

This is also called fruit for hair and when mixed with water, it transforms into a foamy thing like soap. This is a hair care product rich in Vitamin C and D, which helps in hair growth and nourishment. To get lustrous and long hair, you should use it regularly. The low pH level in shikakai makes in mild and safe for daily use. You can either use shikakai shampoo or can make yours at home by mixing shikakai powder with ritha and amla powder.

Besides using high-quality and chemical free hair care products, you should also pay attention to what you eat. Include more protein rich food in your diet to provide proper nutrition to your hair. The best option is to replace your expensive and chemical-laden hair care products with ayurvedic hair care.

You can easily find Ayurveda online shops like Kama Ayurveda, which offer a complete range of ayurvedic hair care, skin care and body care products for both the genders.

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