7 DIY Ideas For Leftover Flooring

Leftover Flooring

It’s always a good idea to buy more flooring materials than you need, just in case a wooden plank cracks or is miss-cut. What can you do with your leftover flooring? Here are some suggestions from Dallas Flooring Warehouse in Grapevine TX.

1) Turn them into wainscoting
Wainscoting instantly elevates the look of a room. Start by removing the base molding from your walls. Then, cut the planks to fit. Wainscoting can be as tall as you’d like, but it typically goes around halfway up the walls. If you have enough material leftover, you could add wainscoting to an entire room. Once the planks are the right size, line them up next to each other and attach them to the walls with construction glue and a few small nails. Then, reinstall your base trim.

2) Build a wooden scrap doormat
wooden scrap doormatTurn some pieces of scrap flooring into an attractive doormat. Cut the pieces down to size (around 18 inches will work) and then drill holes through each piece. Space the holes that they’re around 3 inches apart. Each hole should be ¼ inch in diameter. Connect the holes with a long section of rope. Tie a knot to keep everything together. You can also take a larger plank of wood and glue the wood scraps to it. Top your new doormat with a protective stain.

3) Create a coffee table
coffee tableUse your leftover wood from Dallas Flooring Warehouse in Grapevine TX to make a coffee table. Buy prefabricated legs to support the table, but create the rest of it from leftover wooden floor planks.

There are plenty of different patterns and designs available on the internet.

4) Make a picture frame

picture frame
Source: pixabay.com

Start with some small sections of scrap wood and a pre-cut piece of glass that matches the size of your picture.

Measure and cut the pieces of wood and glue them together to create a frame.

Don’t forget to have them overlap the glass slightly to keep it in place. Attach a nice block of wood to the back to create a support for your new desktop frame.

5) Build cabinet doors
Slice off the tongues attached to your wood flooring. Then, cut pieces of plywood to match the size and shape of your existing cabinet doors. Arrange the wood planks on the plywood in an attractive manner, then use wood glue or small nails to hold them in place. Apply some stain to match your cabinet bases.

6) Use them to smooth down wallpaper
Applying wallpaper tends to lead to air bubbles. Use a small piece of leftover flooring as a smoothing tool. Remember to start at the center of the wallpaper and work your way outwards, applying an even level of pressure the entire time.

7) Create a wooden ceiling
Use a process similar to the wainscoting one. Only this time, apply the wood planks to the ceiling of your sunroom or den. Make sure to use a few additional nails to hold them in place before applying the stain.

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