Be Good To My Teeth Mr. Dentist Or No Tips For You?


Now this is one predicament we all have, and instead of just penning down the morality of tipping the dentist, know that we have actually spoken to real people online and without a hitch we bring to you what they have to say about tips and the dentist.


When and how much?

So what we did last week was to talk to many online, friends and their friends, and their colleagues at work too. And this is what we get to understand from real people like you and us, about tipping the dentist.

The very first thing we got from everyone, well almost everyone is that they hate going to the dentist, blame it on fear and phobias, but they shudder in their pants at the thought of  going to one. Tipping is what makes them anxious too, some feel it is classy and a part of being graceful in doing so, and some do it out of compulsive status quo needs, which one are you?

Angie from NC, USA says she isn’t too sure when she has to tip the dentist, especially when she gets her oral healthcare for free and at home. So this brings us to the next question, do you tip a dentist if they are one of your close friends or family members?

The public has spoken

Seven out of ten patients walking into a clinic, which one of our researchers frequents, say that appreciation is shown for the dentists’ work when a tip is given to them. A normal tipping session would be twenty percent of the total bill, but some feel compelled to even pay that, let alone being generous with the amount at a later stage.

The rest which would be three of the remaining in the ten spoken to say, they don’t feel tipping the dentist is something that should be a norm, not like what they would do when an electrician or a plumber is brought home.

Gina from PA, USA says if she walks into a dental clinic of high repute, she feels compelled to be generous with a tip, even if she has a little in her purse. Her brother James on the other hand says, in the UK where he works referrals to doctors and dentists are pretty much common, and that’s why to keep up to the culture of another country, tipping is the norm but not a compulsion.

To tip or not to tip

Most would say it is but fair to tip the dentist if you are super happy and excited with what he has done for you, especially for cosmetic reasons. The pay scales for most dentists, especially beginners have been revised on an hourly basis by state laws, and not many are happy about it as well, especially when they consider the kind of work involved.

In the late 90s it was around fifty percent of the final bill, and by 2000 it came to forty. 2013 is seeing a further decline in the way tips are given to dentists for a job well done, and most say it is not fair.

“This is just not a job” says Thomas a dentist of Indian origin based in Australia, “it is a matter of hygiene and dentists have to be very careful when dealing with patients”. The amount of revenue generated by a single dentist would depend from on to the next. Some make gold pots, while others struggle to find loyal clients, irrespective of the years of experience, qualifications, skills, talents and contacts they have.

What we think

Hygienists especially dentists should have tips given to them. Irrespective of what they charge and where they hail from, even whichever location they are at, a tip should be given to dentists and you the customer get to choose.

Thirty percent of the total bill is perfectly fine for those who wish to tip the dentist, in our opinion. And the general thumb rule would be helping the dentist earn a little more and being secure about his or her position with their jobs. There could be downtimes for dentists too, and these tips would help break even their earning potential.

One could also think of tipping in more ways than one, money is not the only way to be generous and to show appreciation. You could be creative enough in your own ways to tip the dentist, maybe a lunch invite or a dinner outside with family and the dentist would do nice.

Remember, when you keep your dentist in good books and tip them well, you would have the best oral care given. And we aren’t asking you to use greed and gluttony to entice the dentist to be your best friend, a little humanity shown to those who make your smiles flash would be wonderful isn’t it?

You never know if the dentist is actually making enough or not. We found one dentist in UK who makes moderate amounts and half of which he donates to an animal welfare society. Then there is another dentist we spoke to who makes huge amounts and yet he struggles to keep his clients with him.

Competition is fierce out there and customers want the best for less. Dentists don’t have it easy and pulling out teeth isn’t the only thing they do. Selling their dentistry skills, giving part-time lectures at colleges, schools, social centers and universities is far and few between.

Dentists just like other medical practitioners have to undergo various upgrades over a period of time to enhance their skills and abilities, or else they wouldn’t be able to match up with client expectations. And for all of this a little motivation through tipping and appreciation would do them good.

In conclusion, we would like to suggest tipping to be the norm for all forms of trade. It builds rapport with the dentist in this case and also allows the bonding to grow. Remember, if you get comfortable on a professional basis with the dentist, he or she would be eager to go out of their way to help you further.

Keep smiling and generously tip your dentist at the next visit!!

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