4 Cool Things That You Can Do With Gmail

Things Do With Gmail

Most people use their Gmail accounts mostly to send emails, but Gmail has many features that enable us to carry out more activities other than just sending mail. One can open multiple accounts with Gmail and continue enjoying their services fully. Here are a few cool things that one can do with their Gmail accounts:

email filterUse of filters
There are different ways of filtering and this makes it easy to sort through the inbox. Using filters is very easy and enables you to organize your emails in a way that is appealing to yourself. Filtering also helps you save space in your primary inbox if receive a lot of newsletters. When you create a filter, the email is transferred to another folder. Once you have created the folders, Gmail sorts out the emails automatically.

online storageOnline Storage
Gmail takes advantage of the cloud service to store your emails. For every account, Gmail offers around 10GB space. Gmail storage can be added to a disk drive on your system since the windows OS has Gmail Drive as a shell extension.  Hence, using your Gmail id and password you can log in. This makes it very easy to copy and paste the data into the system and the drive. The information will appear the same in your Gmail box as in the Gmail drive. The Gmail drive generates as well as sends the file as an attachment. You can use the Gmail Drive as long as you have a Google Gmail account.

Receive FaxReceive Faxes
Fax is among the oldest means of communication but is Gmail has incorporated it to come up with the Gmail Fax Pro. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, you can receive a fax on Gmail. You will need a free google fax number which is given by an email fax service. These fax services are not free and you need to link up the fax number to your Gmail address. It is advisable to open another account that will only deal with faxes. This feature has many advantages such as it is cost-efficient safer and faster compared to the fax.

chat applicationBuilt-in Chat
Gmail allows you to text, voice or video call your loved ones. You can use Gmail video capabilities to start or even join a video call with a maximum of 15 people. This is made possible by the full functionality of Google hangouts. This makes it possible to communicate with people from different parts of the world.

All you need is internet connection a webcam and some download which will take you a few seconds to install.  You can send text messages online using google as long as you have enabled the SMS in Google Chat.

We can use Gmail to do many fun things other than just sending and receiving of emails. Gmail services are beneficial to individuals as well as businesses. The Gmail features are easy to use and we can find out other cool ways of using Gmail from anywhere in the world.

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