How To Determine Physical Properties of Tiles?

Determine Physical Properties of The Tiles

Experts making ceramic tiles are using ceramic tile bending strength testing machine to tests according to the European standards.

The manufacturing unit has to declare specific technical parameters, which are placed on the product packaging and including significant source of data for the buyer.

In this article (Determine Physical Properties of Tiles), experts will share proper guidelines to select best tiles for your place.

Abrasion Resistance

This is the basic parameter that should determine the floor choice for the given premise. It specifies the tile resistance to mechanical damage that is the result of the abrasive impact factor. When the hardness of tile is greater, it will have lower susceptibility to scratching, wear, and tear during walking and abrasion.

In the tests, experts divide the tiles into abrasion resistance grades with a certain number of rotations. Within the framework of every grade, there are numerous rotations, and experts use these terms –

  • Grade 0
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5

Freeze Resistance

The ceramic tiles which are to be installed outside and have to withstand exposure of negative temperatures should have tested for freeze resistance. Manufacturers of tiles conduct testing according to PN-EN ISO 10545-12.

Thermal Shock Resistance

The ceramic tiles that can be subjected to the local instant temperature change should pass the quality test for thermal shock resistance. Manufacturers of tiles conduct this test according to PN EN ISO 10545- 9

Stain Resistance

Different grades of tiles determine the easiness of removal of visible stains from the tile surface. It should be tested before releasing the product to the consumer market.

Bending Strength and Breaking Force

Bending strength and breaking force are important parameters when it is about ceramic tiles selection. Floor tiles are subjected to significant mechanical loads, where stresses happened when the building walls move.

Bending strength and breaking force test is done as per the test method followed by professionals.

Other Properties Related To Safety

Ceramic tiles should be resistant to slipping if you are using them for floor. Anti slip properties of ceramic tiles increase from group R 9 to R 12.

You can find the trusted manufacturer of ceramic tiles that perform several quality checks and tests using different tools and machines, including Ceramic Tile Bending Strength Testing Machine for best results. For more details on ceramic tiles and their selection, connect with manufacturing company today.

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