How Excess of Cumin Seeds Cay Put Your Health at Risk

Cumin Seeds

Every Indian kitchen has this spice – cumin seeds and you just cannot imagine any dish without it. Cumin seeds exporters have always said that including cumin seeds in recipes will give you lots of benefits. But in this article, they will explain why you should set the limit of having cumin seeds. Since cumin seed is a culinary herb, excess of it can bring many side effects, so you must consult your doctor prior using it for medical purposes.

Major side effects are as follows-

#1. Heartburn
Cumin seeds are known for the gas relieving properties, but if you eat them in excess, you can suffer from heartburn.

#2. Belching
Belching is known as ructus or burping, which involves more gas and bloating from the intestinal tract and stomach escaping via mouth. Belching has a bad odor at times and characteristic sound. Though it is not a serious health issue, but can definitely embarrass you in public.

#3. Liver Damage
Essential oil present in the cumin seeds are extremely volatile and can damage liver and kidney if you consume them in large amount for longer period. Cumin oil is also used for animals to alleviate or prevent muscle spasms.

#4. Abortifacient effects
Pregnant women should not consume loads of cumin seeds as it can lead to miscarriage or induce premature labor.

#5. Addiction effects
The narcotic properties of cumin seeds make it vulnerable. You must consume cumin seeds with precaution as you can get its addiction. It can also lead to drowsiness, clouding, and nausea.

#6. Heavy menstrual
Cumin seeds may also lead to excess bleeding during menstruation. You must limit the consumption of cumin seeds to avoid heavy menstrual cycle.

#7. Low blood sugar level
In case you are heading for a surgery, you should know that consuming cumin seeds in excess quantity can lower the blood sugar level in the body. Since it is important to maintain the blood sugar level during surgery, you must remember this thing and stop eating cumin seeds at least 2 weeks before surgery.

#8. Diabetics should be cautious
Diabetics need to control their blood sugar level. They should have normal blood sugar level to stay fit. Cumin seeds may decrease your blood sugar level faster and can cause low blood sugar level. People having diabetes should not consume excess of cumin seeds.

Cumin seeds Exporters have explained the side effects of eating excess of cumin seeds. You must remember these things and stay fit by including right amount of cumin seeds in diet.

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