Everything You Need to Know About H-acid Manufacturing

H-acid manufacturers

Did you know that India is the second largest manufacturer of H-acid? It is a dye intermediate which is used to produce azo dyes, which are then used to dye paper, textiles and other material.

H-acid is extracted from naphthalene through a process that combines a number of steps including nitration, hydrolysis and suffocation. The chemicals used are sulphuric acid, Oleum, naphthalene, nitric acid, lime slurry, global salt, iron powder, soda ash and caustic flex.

Most manufacturing units belong to the small and SME sector. Many of these may not even have a dedicated marketing team. So, how do you find the right manufacturer? Here are some of the steps that you can use:

Check the directory: Since most manufacturers belong to the small and SME sector, the best place to find them is the directory. You can check B2B sites which list small industries quite extensively. Fortunately, many of these are accessible through the Internet, making your search easier.

Ask around: Nothing works better than a personal reference. If possible, ask your peers about manufacturers. Since small units often do not have dedicated marketing teams or means for digital marketing, the usual forums may not always give you the right answer. You can try your own industry forum for a reliable H-acid manufacturer!

Check the production capacity: If you need a substantial supply be sure to check the production capacity of your supplier. Given that this is largely in the SME domain, it pays to check what your supplier is capable of. Production capacity in India varies from 10 to 100 tons annually. Anymore and you may need more than one supplier. You may also want to know if production can be scaled up when required. !

Distribution channels: As explained above, this is a small industry. Hence, it is important to find out the distribution channels that your supplier will be using. Despite their relatively small scale, most H-acid manufacturers have extremely competent distribution channels with many clients that operate overseas. But, it is always a good idea to ascertain their network for you.

Communication network: As in any business transaction communication is important here as well. Luckily, the scale of a business no longer has a bearing on communication efficiency. Technology in the form of emails and cellphones has ensured that you can get instant access. But find out about key people and who must be contacted in case of any emergency.

Check back-up: Check for back-up in the form of insurance cover. This is important for protecting your business and those who rely on your own manufacturing supply. Insurance coverage is instrumental in covering your supplier in case of an accident, creating a buffer till your supply chain is back on-line.

Product check: Finally, you must check for particulars of the product. The procedure to be adopted in case of a faulty batch, manufacturing process, ingredients and process used. Check if lot and batch number are clearly marked on the product. This is important in tracing any faulty batches.

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