How To Decorate Your Dorm Room?

Dorm Room

About 65% student of private colleges and 45% students of public college students live in dorms or hostel campus for learning purpose. Yes the time for the journey to college or back to college is upon us again. College dorm room boosts little charm and students have many different customization rules to which they have must adhere. Checkout some of the basics, you need to make the dorm a home away from home for the schools year.

How To Get Organized Dorm Room

Storage bin, file cabinet, miscellaneous boxes are used for organizing all your clutters including clothes pens, homework’s, assignment and letters etc. Use these for getting an organized dorm:
  • Hooks and Hangers: Try to fill all your hangers with same type of hangers for more uniformly and less hassle when refilling through everything.
  • Laundry Basket: it is an important essential for any dorm; because you and your roommate both throw clothes all over the floor eventually you will forget who is who. Keep all your used clothes in laundry box.

Alarm Clock

Don’t forget the alarm clock for getting up on time and unless you want to get kicked out of your favorite course for sleeping through the first day.

Seating Space

You also need couch and some sofa for seating purpose. If your dorm is small then try to get 3 seater sofas, you can buy your dorm sofa from online store.

  • Try to select the cheap 3 seater sofa for your dorm room.
  • Sofa has the fabric and leather option. You need to select the leather coded sofa for your dorm room as leather material can be clean easily then fabric material.
  • You can also use ottoman storage bed which provide seating and as well as storage option where you can store a lot of your clutter.

Beanbag Chair

If you got some spare floor space, you’re going to love having a soft spot (other than your bed) to wind down.

Floor Rug

Even a small rug is worth it a brisk mornings. Stepping out of bed onto a cold floor is quite literally a rude awaking.

Desk Lamp and Comfy Chair

Who want to study when their butt and back hurts from sitting on hard plastic and wood? Tired of studying in the library or just need a change of scenery? You will have a hard time without desk lamp for late night sessions.

Wall Decoration

Dorm room wall needs to be decorating in order to achieve pretty and pleasant environments in the room. Something pretty to look at, stare at while you are falling asleep, motivate you to keep going something’s other than a blank walls.

Wall Calendar

You also need a wall calendar in you dorm room for making a perfect and timely schedule for your study.


You need the following electronics to have in your dorm room.

  • In this latest technological world you need a Laptop and also printer for making a print of your assignments
  • If you are fond of listening music loudly you need Portable speakers which will also help you to play music from MP3 player/ laptop
  • Extension cords switching
  • Headphones
  • Camera (optional)
  • Cell phone

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