How To Have a Strong, Good & Healthy Relationship

Ways to Create a Strong Intimate Relationship

Love is the soul of life. We all feel great with the feeling of love. We all want someone special to love us unconditionally, stand by us when there is no one to believe us, have faith in us when the whole world is doubtful about us. Someone who can just multiply our happiness and divide our sorrows, somebody who knows us well in and out, real partners who can make us smile in all walks of life.

Our soul mate that lives with us, but also touch our inner lives. Lucky are those people who find such true lovers who stand by them in all odds and outs. We always look for somebody to share our happy and sad moments, to share our days and nights. At times we do find our soul mate but could not live or stay together. Though staying together is a big part of a relationship.

Seeing your lover everyday is the greatest blessings, but there are few situations where one has to live separately from each other. It could be due to career differences or family problems or our own situational choices.

Living separately is a very difficult situation many thoughts cross one’s mind, whether my partner is faithful or not, is he/she seeing anybody else? The circumstances begin to change. It is quite different from meeting every day. One might not be able to share similar amount of quality time as they used to before.

Other people fill in those spaces. Your partners start expanding their social circles. If in a long distance relationship one has to thoroughly trust partner. One might come across many instances or experiences where people have lost interest when they are not together in a city or place.

They get to find other people and get involved with them. They might cheat their partners forgetting about all lovable moments they spent with each other. So, the things could get very hard for both the partners.

Well, long distance relationships can also turn into a beautiful song and cannot be difficult as it seems to be. If managed properly it could turn out to be a real fairy tale. All one requires is patience and trust over, your partner and a real relationship will blossom like a beautiful loving flower.

Here are few advice one can practice and enjoy a long distance love relationship-

Trust– The first and foremost thing is trust. Trust your partner wholly and solely. Trust will demolish all the barriers in one’s relationship. If one feels anything is going wrong or out of track, just straightaway talk to your partner. Do not delay. Just speak out and listen what they have to say in return.

Communicate- Communication gaps or miscommunication are some of the common reasons for breakups in a long distance relationship. Make sure one communicates well with the partner. At times one does not get time due to hectic schedule, once free get back to the partner. Tell the problem or circumstance clearly to them.

Use Technology- Gone are those days when lovers used to send messages through pigeons or even letters. Say ‘Thanks’ to technology where one can instantly message, text or call the other person. One can even initiate face to face chat. One can see other partner and spend some time together.

Talk about old times– Another way to feel each other are refreshing your old memories. Simply talk about old golden moments. Laugh with each other and have a great chat about it.

I hope these little tit-bits will help everyone to release and enjoy their true love.

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