How To Solve Wall Tiles Design Issues?

Wall Tiles Design Trends of 2017

Are you thinking of renovating your home with fixed pocket money?

Wall Tiles Designer for Living Room” brings the latest trends that you can consider to get over from dilemma and initiate designing at your place.

These inspiring Wall Tiles Design Trends of 2017 will help you to get a beautiful ambience for your kitchen, leaving room, bathrooms and bedroom.

Wall Tiles Design Trends of 2017

#1 Black Wall

Your television is an eyesore and you just cannot hide it behind cabinetry. How to solve this issue? Well, often designers complain that television appears like a black hole to them and this can be fixed with black wall.

If you want a stylish yet practical way to mix the television into your wall then turn it entire black. Black walls add glamorous touch to the room, especially when you apply high-gloss or lacquer paint. Make sure you perform this action on smooth wall for best results.

#2 Free Standing Table in Kitchen

Your problem is that you don’t want your kitchen where food is scattered everywhere, but want a space to eat in the kitchen. Old fashioned classic free-standing kitchen table will work. There are manufacturers offering tables of every style, from contemporary to rustic. It is your choice to pick the one for your area.

#3 Slatted Wood Wall

You want to add dimension to a wall that looks too rustic to you. Well, this can be resolved by selecting slatted wood wall option. The crisp lines of wood and warmth will make the rusty wall looks like modern nursery.

#4 Square Tiles

You don’t want subway tiles, but you want something simple, white and classic. You can consider square tiles running in bond pattern. These tiles are perfect alternative to subway tile. You can even arrange them in a grid.

#5 Aluminums Windows and Doors

Your problem is that you need a shower surround, but you are lacking in designs. Latest industrial modern twist on your bathroom enclosure adds architectural touch. You can use divided-light windows and doors.

#6 Art Tiles for Living Room

You can book a section in your living area and install art tiles there. This will add drama and theme to your area and you will live it up.

Have something to say? Drop your comments here below and wait for wall tiles manufacturers to respond you. You can even advice your friend to read these tips so that the person can help himself and renovate his home in different way. Do the needful.

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