Kind of Lozenges and Their Benefits

Kind of Lozenges and Their Benefits

Lozenges are Medicated Candy like pill which is generally solid but can also be in the form of a jelly which is medicated and dissolves in the mouth thus providing a soothing effect.

They come in different colours and flavours depending upon its use. They are generally sweet, but can be tangy, fizzy and sour as well. It generally dissolved while it is in close contact to the oral cavity which provides a calming effect.

If a lozenge is swallowed then, it’s of no use and its basic function is to get in contact with the tongue and the oral cavity which stimulated the taste buds and sooths the throat.

Kind of Lozenges and Their Benefits

There are many Lozenges manufacturers who are also associated with many pharmaceutical agencies that produce the Lozenge by using a typical formula. Other than those there are several kinds of Lozenges.

Lozenges are a sure shot idea of providing medicine to kids as they are very unlike medicines which seem to be scary and taste bad. The lozenges are compressed and aredifficult to disintegrate or bite there it slowly dissolves and provides a greater effect.

Following are some of theBenefits of Consuming Lozenges

  • It’s very convenient to consume
  • Available in different flavours and colours
  • Provides medicated benefit with a pleasant experience such as fizzy effect, cola effect etc
  • Provides greater effect as it dissolves slowly in the mouth
  • Great for kids as it does the job without any fuss

Lozenges manufacturers are manufacturing many different kind of Lozenges which are used for various purposes. Following are some of the commonly used Lozenges

Aniti – Fungal Lozenges

Anti-fungal Lozenges are used to treat fungal infection such as thrush and skin problems. Clotrimazole and nystatin lozenges are typical examples of Anti-fungal Lozenges which very conveniently dissolve in the mouth along with the saliva and helps treat infection along with providing a soothing effect for the mouth.

Nicotine Lozenges

Nicotine Lozenges is very widely used by people who are struggling to quit smoking. Nicotine Lozenges contains Nicotine which is released into the bloodstream when you consume a Nicotine Lozenges. Consumption of too much of Nicotine Lozenges can be as harmful as smoking hence one must only consumes nicotine Lozenges when he/she has a craving to smoke.

Zinc Lozenges

Yet another Lozenge which performs the function of multivitamin is zinc lozenges which are in the form of a candy .When consumed it helps fight infections such as cough and cold and helps the body to produce immunity.

Throat/ Cough Lozenges

Throat and cough lozenges is one of the most commonly used contains many multivitamin such as benzocaine which helps fight infection. They are available in many colours and flavours and are absolutely safe to be given to anybody of any age. The most common types of flavours as honey, menthol, cool mint etc.

Morning Sickness Lozenges

Morning sickness Lozenges are like a blessing for expecting mothers who are suffering from nausea and morning sickness in their first trimester.

These contains Vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and Vitamin, however, it should be consumed as and when the doctors prescribe as an increasing does of Vitame B6 can cause the harm to the developing baby.

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