The Latest Fad Of Interior Décor In Modern Homes


It is not always necessary to change your wall color or to purchase expensive paintings to add a personality to your walls. As nowadays, most office owners and tenants look for some solution to decorate their walls without making too many changes, wall decals or stickers is becoming the latest fad of interior décor.

Some of the most popular wall decals available over and Flipkart that has caught the attention of buyers are as follows:

Meco Vinyl Decal Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day, Love Beyond Words Wall Quote

Available in 19 x 26 inches size, the wall decal is extremely popular among all age groups and is simple, yet trendy in look. These can be applied on clean walls, tiles, windows, plastic surface and can be easily peeled off without any damage to the wall paint. The wall decal is ideal for nurseries, home, restaurant, etc. The inspiring quote on love has made this decal a much adorable one among people who want simple wall decals that convey some meaning.

3D Butterfly 12PCS for Blue and 12 PCS For Purple Stickers Craft Butterflies

Don’t you want your home look alike a sprawling beautiful garden? Well, while non-availability of space has forced many city dwellers to live without any garden or lawn, these wall stickers offers a perfect way to feel in close proximity to Mother Nature! These butterflies are perfect to stick on any wall or glass surface and are easily removable too. Extremely affordable, these cute colorful butterflies can be used in homes, offices and virtually any place to make a dull wall beautiful.

Wall Whispers Phosphorescence Vinyl Sticker

If you are looking around for some wall decal for your kid’s room, choose this awesome wall decal that will glow in the night and make your kidsfeel that they are sleeping under the stars and moon! Made up of phosphorescence vinyl, these self-adhesive waterproof stickers can be applied easily on any flat surface like glass, metal, etc.

Gotomre Large Removable Beach Sea 3D Window View Scenery Wall Sticker Decor Decals

The wall decal will surely transport you near a sea beach straight from the comfort of your room. Easy to apply on wall, the moisture-resistant wall decal has beautiful scenery with blue sea and blue sky that will be ideal to place in a room with no windows. Just be careful while sticking so that there are no air bubbles. You can order the product from for a price of less than 3 USD.

Some of the other wall decals that are now popular among home owners or tenants are Vinyl Chalkboard sticker which you can use to express your own creativity ever day without any fail on your walls. It comes with a set of five chalks. There are also some easy to stick wall decals of over 4 feet in height and are available in beautiful prints on various themes like nature, sports, love, wildlife, cartoon characters, etc.

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