How To Decorate Your Home with Fancy Light and Lamps

Home Decoration with Light and Lamps

Lighting is an important element of home décor and has the potential to transform a simple room into a dreamy land. There are some lights and lamps that if placed strategically can create a magical ambience you will surely appreciate. If you are thinking you need to shell too much money to have such an effect in your home ambience, you are mistaken as some of these are quite pocket-friendly!

So, let’s check out some of these which are now readily available in the market or can be ordered from online platforms like or Flipkart from the comfort of your home.


Be it an autumn party or any festival, having some paper sky lanterns in multicolor will surely light up your lawn like none other. What’s more, these lanterns are extremely reasonable in pricing i.e. sometimes below 400 INR and can be ordered from Available both in matte and glossy finish, these paper sky lanterns when lit transports you in a surreal world where everything seems colorful, bright and delightful. You can hang these lanterns from trees or from the string lights that you may have placed in the outdoor to enhance the overall ambience.

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Floor Lamp

Modern lighting seems incomplete without durable and beautiful floor lamps that come in various sizes. A floor lamp if placed in the right place of a room can warm up the entire tone of the room and can be used to illuminate dark corners too. When paired with ceiling and wall lights, these can generate a lot of visual interest in a room. The lamp base material of these floor lamps can be leather, wood, metal, etc.

Hanging Lights

Add a vibrant style to your home by illuminating it with hanging lights. The best place to hang these lights is above the dining table, desk, and door-entrance or anywhere in the ceiling at a considerable height. You can opt for the earthy terracotta hanging lights or the contemporary string lights with clear bulbs that can be great for lighting up your outdoor space. Hanging lights are also available in multiple floral shapes and colors.

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Wall Lights

Your interior décor can be complimented best with wall lights that accentuate the wall colors brilliantly. There are ample variations of wall lights like in metal, glass, wood, etc. If you want to give an antique touch and look, opt for antique braso podka dots floral era wall lamp or the more eye-catching rajwadi stars wall lamp that will compel your guests to be in awe. It is essential to carefully mount these light fixtures on the walls to have the best effect.

You can also choose the modern steel finish pendant lamps fixed on the wall that are in great demand nowadays.

Apart from these, some of the other lights and lamps that you can pick from an online store to enhance your home ambience magically are Green Leafy Torchiere lamp, multi-colored LED string lights, Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, and many more. These are available to suit each pocket size and are a must have during any party or festive season.

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