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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Heaven Nation

Christ embassy

True believers have found something that they enjoy with Chris Oyakhilome. He is set to host the Haven Nation 2017 conference for his followers. Everyone will be welcome to attend the grand event if possible. Christ Embassy is proud of the progress that they have made too. Their following has increased substantially in recent years. That gave the congregation the foresight to set up the Haven Nation 2017 get together. Meet Pastor Chris and learn more about the difference that he makes. The young man has certainly captured attention from all corners with his passionate belief on display each week. A new convert is welcome to attend their prayer meetings or the congregation together.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has worked to spread the word of God in many ways. He is passionate about his ministry efforts each week. That should capture the attention of everyone, including the news media itself. Think about the message that he has to offer to anyone who believes. The bible is an inspirational book in its own right for believers.

The promise is that true believers can enter in to the Kingdom of Heaven. That message has resonated with people for generations now as well. Get to each member and the role that they will play. They likely understand the upcoming Haven Nation 2017 event. That event is sure to draw big crowds who just want to believe.

Christ embassy has conducted work in many countries around the world. They were renowned for their efforts throughout Nigeria and neighboring countries in Africa. The congregation retains a major presence in Lagos, which is a large scale city. They have even performed work in South Africa, helping convert people to the religion. Get to know some of the dedicated people who were at the forefront the entire time. That work allowed them to come to the UK and Canada to continue conversion efforts there. People in the United States have also met with their religious leaders. Their congregation now has a worldwide influence that has not been seen before until now.

Pastor Chris works to keep his followers happy each week. They come back week after week to enjoy some of the religious works that they conduct. That has converted people and encouraged them to explore religion to its fullest. It is a wholly Christian view of God and the religion itself. At the very least, learn more about Pastor Chris and what he has accomplished. He is an energetic speaker that gives people a reason to attend each week. Religious revival movements are not uncommon in the United States. But there is something about the young pastor that sets him apart. Find out what vision he has in store for people who follow his works.

Everyone in the congregation would like to leave a lasting legacy. True believers have come to follow Chris as he leads each week. Get ready to pray and find a new reason to worship the one true God. Followers are devout and believe in their own unique system of worship. That will be explained during the ministry each week too. New converts are welcome to meet with people who want to express their views. Enjoy religious discourse and the exciting ideas that they introduce. Guests are invited to meet with the pastor himself.

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