Self Drive Airport Ride in Bangalore

Airport Ride

For frequent travellers in Bangalore, the airport ride can be an expensive affair. A regular ‘taxi to airport’ service will easily charge a large tariff for most city dwellers, considering that the airport is 45 kilometres away (from the city centre, more if one lives in the outskirts).

Then there is the booking process, which can sometimes depend on the availability of drivers in a particular area. These situations create uncertainties, especially at odd hours. Therefore it is more prudent to choose the self drive option for an airport taxi. Bangalore, being a large city offers many services for self drive, and the best rental companies assure affordability, total convenience and transparency.

Benefits of Self Driving
Self driving offers privacy, especially important for female travellers travelling late or really early. For those travelling in a large group too, the extra space is always welcome. Self driving allows more freedom to stop on the way or take detours in case something needs to be attended to.

Modern Car Rental – Many Perks and Options
Modern car rentals like Zoomcar have taken the self drive model to a different level. App based booking and cashless payment have made the process transparent and simple. During the airport ride, the customer has GPS tracking to figure out the possible routes and 24/7 support is a feature that even car owners cannot brag about. One can also choose from a large fleet or modern, well-maintained cars ranging from hatchbacks and sedans to SUVs. These cars also have basic damage insurance covered, giving the driver peace of mind.

Airport Cabs – A Step Further
Self drive airport car rentals are also a big boon for those who land in Bangalore. They can avoid being subject to the vagaries of local transport and have a ride at their disposal, that not only takes care of the to and fro airport shuttle but also gives them an option to travel around the city throughout their trip.

Perfect for both business and leisure travellers, the self drive airport cab can be used for commute for that important meeting or a trip to the hills of Coorg. Multiple payment plans that are catered to different driving requirements ensure that the customer has control over the costs at all times. All India permits mean inter-state travel from Bangalore is also possible during the trip.

Not often does one solution cover all transport requirements. The informed traveller is choosing self drive as the option for airport travel and more. End to end transport has been redefined with this new approach to self drive service.

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