3 Things To Remember The Next Time Your Roof Springs a Leak

Roof Springs A Leak

You are seated in your living room comfortably having a wonderful time with your family, enjoying some popcorn as you watch an amazing comedy movie that has everyone glued to the TV, laughing their ribs out. Then the most unexpected thing happens.

It starts raining and there’s a heavy downpour and the rain goes on for hours and hours and before you know it, it’s not only raining outside but inside the house as well. You notice that your roof is leaking and suddenly, all the fun and thrill you were having with your family just simply vanishes away.

This leaves you both worried and confused on where to start. It’s such a nightmare. Here are three important things to remember when your roof springs a leak that will help you navigate through the problem and get it fixed:

#1. Remember To Take Initial Action First To Contain The Situation

When you spot a leak on the roof, have it in mind that you need to take action very fast to prevent any water damages that may result. Start by covering anything such as electronics, furniture and other valuables that can be damaged by the leaking water. Use plastic coverings to do this.

Remember to also contain the water by placing containers such as buckets underneath the spots with leaks to collect the leaking water. Bubbling paint on the ceiling could most likely be holding water, Make sure that you puncture these bubbles to drain the water into the bucket.

#2. You Need To Have In Mind That Your Roof Needs To Be Fixed

After you’ve taken the initial step to control the situation, you now need to focus your mind on getting the roof fixed. Keep in mind that you’ll need to source out a professional licensed contractor who is insured and meets all regulatory requirements, and who will make repairs to all the wood damage before doing a re-roof to your home.

Also, ensure that the contractor agrees to have the roof taken through municipal inspection before completing the whole reroofing project. Have these things embedded in the back of your mind before you initiate the roof repairing process.

Beware of fly-by-night unreliable companies which take advantage of such situations to extort money from you with unnecessary costs. Here’s a link to a roofing cost estimator that will help you calculate the entire roofing cost and not spend an extra dime on exaggerated costs. https://www.diyroofs.com/roofing-cost-estimator.php

#3. Remember That You Need To Take Necessary Measures To Prevent Future Leaks

Once you’ve made repairs to the leaking roof, you need have a few things done to prevent the roof from leaking again. First off, ensure that your gutters and downspouts are clean. Debris and falling leaves from trees clog your downspouts and gutters, allowing water to accumulate to your roof and eventually end up leaking. Ensure that you remove any clogging.

Have in mind also that you need to trim trees planted next to your house because low-hanging branch limbs will end up scraping your roof’s surface and cause some level of damage. Falling branches do damage roofs and cause leaks. Have them trimmed off.

A roof leak is always unexpected and causes a high level of inconvenience. The next time you experience one, remember these three things and you’ll handle the whole issue with minimal stress.

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