Top 4 Good Looking Wind Chimes To Decorate Your Home

Good Looking Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are quite popular decor element in gardens, patios and of course indoors across the world. Sometimes, these are hanged for bringing good luck and sometimes to ward off the evil spirits. No matter, whatever is the reason; these chimes look pretty and produce sounds after getting touched by a breeze. Wind chimes are available in wood, metal, glass, bamboo, ceramic, etc. These also play a great role in the ancient Chinese practice called Feng Shui and has been in wide use in South-East Asia since last 5000 years.

So, let’s check out the wind chimes whose tinkling sound, you will love to hear every day.

Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime

With more than 700 customer reviews, this wind chime designed by famous musician Garry Kvistad has many admirers. The chime consists of six silver colored aluminum tubes, one bamboo wind catcher at the bottom and a laminated bamboo top that excludes simplicity at its best. The chime is fine tuned for producing superior quality sound and is most suitable for outdoor use. Although, it is a little heavy on the pocket, priced at 2068 INR excluding shipping charges, the chime’s wonderful musical notes compensate for the same.

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World’s Cast Iron Wind chime

The weatherproof wind chime of cast iron has a laughing Buddha and a bell along with a dash of bright red that make it a visual treat as well as an ideal love gift. This is available on Flipkart at the modest price of only 249 INR! This is a superb decor element to hang inside a car too.

24 K Gold Plated Butterfly Wind Chime With Swaroski Crystals

If you are looking for a wind chime that produces clear and distinctive musical sound, this one is the right catch with three gold plated tubes. A great gift item for your loved ones, the little pricey wind chime is a charmer of all sorts and when placed near a light source like lamp, the swaroski crystals look all the more eye-catching.

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IMAGE® Windlights Solar Powered LED Changing Light Color Hummingbird Wind Chimes

Imagine having wind chimes that can emit light too in the dark and that too without consuming your electricity. This wind chime has a round solar panel at the top, a sensor and bright LED lights that last up to 8 hours each day on a single charge. The humming birds featured in the wind chime are made up of acrylic and are quite durable in nature and eye-pleasant.

Some of the other wind chimes that are unique and can be used as a style statement are Recycled Wine Bottle Glass Wind chime which is more a work of art by glass artisans of Georgia and Blue Handworks Spring Leaves Glass Wind Chime, both of which are extremely beautiful and produce a pleasant tinkling sound.

If you have come across some more endearing wind chimes, please comment and mention their names and information about where they are available for an easy purchase.

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