Outdoor Adventures in Dubai

Dubai must be one of the most amazing and welcoming summer destinations for holidaymakers.

With its warm waters and hot temperatures, it is the perfect place for travelers who want to spend every moment they can outdoors enjoying the fresh air and eager to go on an adventure or two.

Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis, The Palm

For an action-packed day out, Aquaventure Park located at Atlantis, The Palm Beach Resort is the perfect place to catch some rays and cool off while getting your adrenaline pumping. The Dubai water park is the number one water park in the Middle East and has an array of record breaking rides and slides that include the Aquaconda (the world’s largest water slide) and Poseidon’s Revenge (where you step into a capsule and wait for the floor beneath you to drop before you plummet at 60 kilometres an hour), both of which are located at The Tower of Poseidon.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as there are many more rides – including The Leap of Faith (a nine story high mega slide) and Water Coasters (that propel you up and down on jets of water) – located at The Tower of Neptune. For those who would prefer something a little calmer, however, you’re in luck, as the resort is also home to over 1.4 kilometres of beach and glistening swimming pools.

Camping in the Dessert

Beyond all of the high rises that call Dubai’s city centre their home, the emirate’s desert is one big campsite (without the luxuries of bathrooms and showers that is). It’s as easy as renting some camping gear – there are plenty of companies that provide this service, ensuring that holidaymakers can rent everything they need to set up the perfect campsite in the sand dunes – packing it all into a 4×4 and driving in the direction of the dunes.

Once set up, there are wadi beds and mountains waiting to be explored and clear starry nights, perfect for a fire and barbecue. There are also a multitude of opportunities to take to the dunes sand-boarding. If you prefer not to venture out into the dessert on your own, again there are a number of companies who lead guided camping safaris to the emirate’s national park – here you can see Oryx and gazelles.

Visit a Souk or Two

Fancy taking a few traditional items home with your after your holiday to Dubai? Then the perfect places to visit would be the city’s numerous souks, both indoor and outdoor paradises that will wow shop-a-holics. These traditional Arabian markets play a crucial part of life and trade in Dubai, and are a place that holidaymakers should experience while in the city.

There are a number of Souks that one could choose from, including the Gold Souk (one of the city’s best souks, filled to the brim with gold, sells mementos and shiny trinkets), the Spice Souk (where holidaymakers can experience top chefs and traditional home cooking at its best, as well as fragrant sacks of spices), the Textile Souk (that is home to tiny shops selling luxury fabrics), and Souk Madinat (where visitors can buy an array of souvenirs, from art to sculptures, fashion to jewellery).

The three examples above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the array of outdoor activities visitors can indulge in, but each activity is different, giving tourists valuable insight into a city that is known as one of the most luxurious cities in the world.