Health Appointments

Thinking of putting your regular medical and dental appointments off for months, or even years?

Think again. Whether you’re considering wellness checkups or routine dental cleaning, it’s critical to consider the benefits of continuing to make (and keep!) regular appointments.

Need some convincing? Here are several things to think about.

5 Reasons To Keep Your Health Appointments

#1. Prevention

Maintaining regular medical and dental checkups is a key way to prevent more significant issues down the road.

If your clinicians have baseline information about you, they’ll be more easily able to spot discrepancies as they arise. Sometimes, the unexpected does happen.

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#2. Consistency

Consistent care leads to more consistent health. In addition to examinations, regular dental and medical checkups may include giving vaccines, taking care of minor issues, and spotting overall changes in your presentation.

If you miss appointments, your practitioners have less information to go on when they compare your current data to past visits.

Consistency leads to a higher quality of care over time. This is especially important as you get older.

#3. Relationship

Medicine and dentistry are not just about procedures; they’re also about relationships. Forming and maintaining a trusting relationship with a compatible clinician will help break down barriers to maximizing your health and well-being.

The professional becomes part of your personal support team, and can recommend other like-minded practitioners. You might even find that you look forward to catching up with your doctor or dentist!

#4. Maintenance

While your body is not a machine, it does require maintenance. While the body does a great deal of self-healing, simple interventions can help.

Regular dental and medical wellness appointments may involve minor maintenance procedures or include encouragement and counseling to inspire you to take good care of yourself between visits.

#5. Reassurance

Don’t underestimate the peace of mind that comes from staying up-to-date on your medical and dental appointments.

Once you’ve established that everything is in good working order (or that you’re effectively addressing problems), you can devote more time and energy to other matters.

If you happen to be in a stressful season of life, that sense of reassurance can make a big difference in your effectiveness and ability to concentrate.

Maintaining appointments enhances your well-being. Keep these considerations in mind as you create your plan for health.

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