How To Kitchen Design? 5 Practical Ideas To keep in Mind

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens in India are very different from the ones we see in other countries. So, the approach towards designing them should also be very different. An organized kitchen design always helps the person using it, whether it is with respect to finding items around the kitchen or just consistently being in good mood to cook.

All that said, it can often get tricky when it comes to kitchen design as every house is different and so are the structures of the kitchens in them. May be having one of the home interior designers in Bangalore by your side while you are at it, can help a good deal with your endeavors of beautifying your kitchen. Mentioned below are 5 practical design ideas that can go a long way in renovating or designing your kitchen.

Lighting is important

We make this our first point just to make sure you don’t ignore it like most others do. Proper lighting right away puts the cook or the chef in the kitchen in right mind to give his best. Look into the cabinets, racks and all other corners of the kitchen and make sure they are well lit. Mostly kitchens get taken care of with overhead lighting; but you should still make sure the end result is exactly how you wanted.

L-Shaped layout

If you want a kitchen that gives you some privacy and stops people from barging in every now and then, go for an L-Shaped layout. Choose to have an island with L-Shaped layout if you enjoy interacting with people at home while you cook. Kitchens with this design typically house a wall with cabinets that highlights the whole layout.

Flexibility of space

You should aim to achieve maximum optimization of space in your kitchen. Whether yours is a small kitchen or a big one, always ensure the kitchen feels spacious. If the size of your kitchen is confusing you, get in touch with one of the best interior designers in Bangalore and they can help you out with it. In smaller kitchens the idea is to leverage the verticals and not the horizontals. Layering one shelf above another can be an effective way of creating more space.

Open racks are handy

These really do help people who work in kitchen. It makes the whole process of cooking smoother and more un-interrupting. Cook counter or work counter can be coupled with shelves, trays and few open racks. No matter how old-school open racks are, they are very practical, especially in Indian kitchen where the list of frequently used spices, condiments etc. never end.

Make your kitchen accident-proof

While you are on the job, designing your kitchen, ensure you are not sticking to any design idea that makes the entire space more prone to small or big accidents that can result in injuries. It is also important to have good visibility of play area and backyard from your kitchen, especially if you have kids and pets at home. Some other elements that you can choose to use in your kitchen can be slip-resistant flooring and non-edgy counter tops.

While more and more people are moving towards modern designs and solutions for kitchens, it is equally important to focus on practical ideas like the ones mentioned above. Any of the interior design firms in Bangalore will always offer you a good mix of contemporary and practical design for your kitchen. It won’t be wrong to conclude that when it comes to designing kitchens in India, utility and aesthetics must go hand in hand.

Bharath Joshi a Marketing Executive at Puran Interiors. We began with an aim of redefining real estate and creating benchmarks for others to follow, providing one of the best Interior Designers in Bangalore tailored to your taste. Connect to know more.

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