Employee Handbook

One of the most important tools in your company that everyone must be aware of is the employee handbook. No matter how small or big your team is, it is necessary to have an employee handbook as part of your business.

It is basically a valuable item that will provide your employees some clarity about the company. It is not required by law to have a handbook, but it will save you a lot of time and effort from explaining some stuff because you can use it to record pertinent information such as policies and performance expectations.

Having a handbook that has your company’s policies can protect your business. However, a lot of people do not have any idea do not know where to find their handbook. Also, some companies do not also have any idea what to include in their handbook.

What should be in an Employee Handbook? Here are the top five things that you need in your company’s employee handbook.

#1. Your company story

Before anything else, it is important that you provide your employees with what your company is all about, as well as your mission and purpose. It should tell how your company started and the story of the people who helped in building it.

You can also share the company culture. Having an understand what your company does and what its mission is all about will encourage your employees on how they can help it grow.

#2. Code of Conduct

In any organization, there will always be boundaries. A code of conduct should include some rules on the behavior you expect from your employees.

Some of the things that could be included in this section would be disciplinary procedures, dress code, required number of work hours, attendance expectations, and some guidelines on using company equipment.

#3. Compensation and benefits

This is probably the one section where your employees would mostly check. Naturally, your employees would want to know how they are going to be paid and what benefits are included in their employment.

This would include information like insurance, policy on evaluating performance for promotion or pay increases, etc. This could change in the future so it is important that you avoid providing details about a specific plan.

However, do make sure to clearly provide what benefits are available to them and they can earn it.

#4. Leave and Exit Policy

It is inevitable that your employees would need some time off or chooses to part ways with your company. You should include how exit interviews work and they can receive their final paycheck.

For leave and time off, include how many paid time off they are eligible for and the process of requesting it.

#5. Resources

Your employee handbook should also have a section that has information about the different departments as well as their respective contact information.

This will save you some time since your employees can have an easy reference in case they need something. You may include email, contact number, and social media pages or accounts.