DHT, or di hydro testosterone, is the main culprit as to why people experience hair loss. This problem is particularly prevalent among men but some women experience intense hair loss as well. DHT, which is hormone that is produced in testosterone can cause a great deal of trouble for your scalp. So how do you remedy the problem?

You have to be quite careful because too much of a decrease in the testosterone can affect your “maleness” which can be problematic for some. To avoid drastic changes in your body and appearance, it is recommended to try to block the DHT that is being produced in your body. This article will provide some tips to blocking DHT, but the main question then becomes, Do DHT Blockers work? All that you can do is experiment with products and supplements that may help you in your endeavor of blocking DHT.

Apply a topical blocker

A topical DHT blocker most often comes in a cream form. For best results, patients slather the cream on to the affected area generously. Considered to be the best on the market, make sure that you choose a cream that offers saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is a plant that is typically grown in the American regions and is known to inhibit enzyme 5. This enzyme is what is considered to be the major contributor to converting testosterone to DHT.

Plants, such as a stinging nettle

When at all possible, it is always best to try natural products first. Using plants to mitigate some of your hair loss problems is a great way to use organic materials to deal with your dilemma. A stinging nettle is a plant that is grown in North America and Europe. It stings when putting it on the skin but after many trials and research on the plant, it is known to help block DHT inhibitors.

Reishi mushroom

While still be researched to understand the true extent of how this mushroom can help hair loss patients, the reishi mushroom is the newest and latest trend within the industry. The mushroom is best known to work well when put into a mask form. A hair mask can help to rejuvenate hair strands and improve the life of a hair strand. The mushroom helps the scalp rejuvenate as well as feeds it needed healthy nutrients for a vibrant head of hair.

Rosemary Oil

Some add rosemary oil to their shampoo and hair products as it is known to help the scalp and hair strands rejuvenate. Another way that rosemary oil is typically used is via a scalp massage. This product is very easy to use. All you need to do is put a couple of drops of oil in your palms, rub them together, and then spread over your scalp and hair strands.


While this alga is typically found in Japan and other Asian countries, it is currently being researched as a DHT blocker. Used most often in soups as a healthy addition, E. Cava can be used as a topical cream as well.