Playground In a Shopping Mall

Shopping in a mall with your kids may require more patience. Although this is not the case at all times, it is a given fact that shopping for groceries or strolling around the mall is a lot more challenging when you are with kids. That is the reason why having a playground on the mall’s premises is heaven sent. Children will have something to look forward to right after shopping. As a business owner, this has become one of the things that needed to be included in the plan to attract and satisfy your customers.

Here are five tips to building a playground in a shopping mall.

#1. Choose the right location

Building a playground in a shopping mall can be a little tricky. Location is one of the most important things that needed to be considered. It should be situated in an area where there is enough space for children to run around and a place for all the playground equipment. It should also be located in an area where people hang out without having to worry about annoying other vendors inside the shopping mall.

#2. Use environmentally friendly playground equipment

We want to instill in our children the importance of loving their environment. When building a playground, use environmentally friendly playground equipment like the ones offered by PDPlay. Having a natural playground such as a tree stump can expose children to nature and explore the textures and patterns of the environment. It is also safe since it is crafted using eco-friendly and natural materials instead of synthetic materials.

#3. Set a budget

Building a playground can get a little expensive especially if it is going to be large enough to cater a big crowd. That is why you need to set a playground budget in order to maximize the costs of building one. You will also need to research the costs in advance of playground equipment such as swings, metal slides, teeter-totters, and many more. Having a proper prior budgeting plan will allow you to get all the equipment together while still raising even more money to complete the playground.

#4. Raise an interest

While building your dream playground is awesome, it may appear to some tenants in a shopping mall that it is unnecessary. Try to convince the vendors and other people who run the mall that you all need a recreational upgrade. Find out first if there is enough support in starting to raise money for the playground, handling building permits, designing the actual playground, and more important matters.

#5. Add a variety of climbing structures for children of different age

As a safety precaution, try to add short ladders and climbing structures specific for ages 3-5 years and older. Children of different ages are expected to be playing in your playground so it is important to have the right equipment that will not only cater their recreational activities but also their own safety. You can also add tables where arts and crafts can be created for children who don’t prefer on climbing structures.