Ridesharing Services

In major cities around the world, a new form of transportation has been gaining popularity in the recent years. Because mass transportation in some places, although cheap, can sometimes be unreliable, ride-sharing services are now one of the main ways of traveling.

Some of the most popular ride sharing services include Uber and Lyft, where private vehicle owners use their cars to drive people from one destination to another. It’s convenient as you only need to download an app and have access to the internet in order to book a ride.

If there are several ride sharing services available in your area, here are some tips you can follow in order to choose which service to get. We Recommend for Mykonos Private Driver, Chauffeur and Driver Services Mykonos.

#1. Ask your friends for a recommendation

If you have friends who have told you that they started making use of ridesharing services, why not ask them which one they would recommend. Ask them about the condition of the vehicles they rode and whether the drivers were not just skilled but also professional. Also, ask about the prices so that you will have an idea of how much you will be spending compared to taking public transportation or riding a cab.

#2. Look at the reviews online

You can also check out forums for online reviews about the quality of the service of the ridesharing companies. One of the things you should check is how safe the passengers felt while riding. Although these companies enforce strict measures in choosing their drivers, there are some passengers who claim they feel uncomfortable while taking a certain ride. The good thing is that you can actually check the rate of the driver in the app that you’ve downloaded. Some passengers even leave comments about the service they got so you can have an idea of what the driver is like.

#3. Compare the prices of the ride-sharing services

There are times when the prices of the ride will differ, it may be due to the fact that there are too many passengers trying to book a ride or it’s just the peak time, like in the afternoon when most office workers leave for their homes. Try to see which one would offer the best price for the time you want to book. Many companies also offer different types of services, from the regular ones to pooling with other passengers, or getting a bigger vehicle for groups. Compare the prices of each company you are eyeing through their apps so you can check which one would offer the best value for your money.

#4. Don’t forget to refer your friends to get some perks

Make sure to refer your friends to download the app and use the service. There are times when you can get a discount or even a free ride depending on the number that uses your referral code.

#5. Look for some promo codes to get discounts

After you’ve used the free ride that you get when you first download the app, the great thing is that there are promo codes you can use to get discount on your future rides. Check out this Ridester website for a list of those codes.