5 Tips To Helping Your Child Learn To Write

As if being a parent is not challenging enough, we have to patiently help our children through the learning process. One of the toughest learning curves for both children and their parents is writing. Teaching your child to write can be a bit frustrating for many reasons but the below tips can help you to make writing easier on your child and your patience. Cheers to starting this hard but beautiful journey of teaching your child new things!

Go and buy golf pencils:
No, not for your next game of mini golf! These pencils can help your kids to have a better grip. Their small size, is perfect for the hands of small children. Larger pencils can cause balance issues. With better control, comes better letter formation. Your child will also feel that their homework and practice are easier because they aren’t struggling with a large writing utensil.

Use pencil grips or mark them:
One of the main things that we have to consider at the time of teaching our kids to write, is the way they hold their pencil. Since they have small hands, it can be a little bit difficult for them to hold a regular pencil. They will develop the way they hold a pencil as an adult in this early stage, so it is very important that they know exactly how they should be holding it.

Therefore, we should make this as easy as possible for them. To make this happen, you can purchase pencil grips or make one yourself, using Play-Doh. Another idea is to mark the pencils, so they have an exact idea of where to place their fingers. You will see that this will save a lot of troubles for them and it will make the teaching a piece of cake for you.

Give them an incentive to do good:
Any learning advance should be a thing to celebrate. You have to stop pointing what they are doing wrong and instead, encourage and recognize what is right. These little incentives will inspire them and make them want to keep going. They will be motivated to do better in order to please you and get your approval.

We often forget about this part and sometimes overwhelm our kids demanding them to do everything right. We shouldn’t forget that they are kids and that they are learning, so mistakes are allowed but they have to keep getting better and we have to keep motivating them.

Use different techniques to teach them:
Nowadays. we have so many methods for teaching our kids to write! We have materials that we can get in office supply stores and we also have options on the internet like, www.writingsamurai.com. One of the best ways to keep your child excited about learning is by playing educational games. Playing can be a very effective method of learning and we don’t have to spend a dime on it.  We can do it with things that we have in house or on a tablet/computer. One example, is having your kids “play” by forming letters with clay.

Do everything with love and patience:
We often make the mistake of getting frustrated when we think our kids don’t want to cooperate. However, being angry won’t help at all. This last tip should be considered the most important of all of them. You have to have a lot of patience. Remember when you were learning? How difficult it was? The same goes for your children, so make sure you support them.

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