Enzyme-linked immunodeficient assay is the most preferred technique for discovering either antibodies or antigens in a mixture. The method has influenced various industries including the medical industry and the food industry. In the medical field, this method is used to detect some diseases. In the food industry, it is used in detecting allergens.

Listed below are the benefits of using ELISA.


The simplicity of this technique might make some people to think that its level of accuracy is low. Tests have been done to prove the accuracy of this procedure. Researchers are satisfied that results obtained from enzyme-linked immunodeficient assay is very accurate. The precision of this technique makes it very reliable. The possibility of making errors in the process is minimal.

Catalyst reaction

This method is very sensitive too. The enzyme that is introduced in the mixture is a catalyst. It speeds up the reaction process. The catalyst enables the reaction to complete faster and the results to be acquired immediately. The effectiveness of the catalyst makes this method a preferred antigen or antibody detection procedure. This eliminates any delays in getting the accurate results.


Other immunology methods are only used for the detection of antibodies. This method has the capability of detecting the presence of the antibody and the antigen. The ability of this method to specify the presence of either the antibody or the antigen lies in their reactions when mixed. You can use either of the two to detect the other one. This method is effectual in detection of both.


The progression of this system and obtaining the results is very short. This makes the method to be time effective. By relying on ELISA, you will be guaranteed that the whole process will be complete within the shortest period. A medical doctor using this procedure will increase the efficiency of his/her services when he relies on it. Patients will not wait long to get their results.

Cost effective

The cost of carrying out this process is minimal. The person handling the reaction process needs a surface, the antigens and the antibodies. The antigens are bought. However, they can be used in doing several identification tests. Nothing else is involved in the reaction process and that makes it affordable. The kits used for these tests are very cheap and their availability is very high.


Unlike other methods, ELISA tends to be very simple. Anyone with a little guidance and training has the capability of managing this test procedure. Its simplicity can enable the professional to carry out several tests. Complicated methods tend to be burdensome to the person doing them. They can be confusing, especially when a person is doing them for the first time. Grasping the concept is hard.


Various medical professionals and researches recommend this method for testing the antigens and antibodies. Its effectualness and aptitude to be used in the various industries including research makes it dependable. Many researches were done using it. Its accuracy has enabled it to gain popularity among researchers and medical specialists.