Kitchen Storage Ideas

It is essential to have enough storage space in the kitchen room, so as to keep it organised and tidy. Moreover, it makes your cooking area look cleaner and more stylish. Efficient kitchen storage will play a vital role in how practical and functional your kitchen is.

Not every kitchen designer will be able to pull off a kitchen design that offers effective storage solutions. So, find kitchen shops in your area that not only turn your dream kitchen into a reality but ones that also provide enough kitchen storage space.

To help you in the process, whether you are installing a brand new kitchen or renovating your existing kitchen space, here is a list of nine kitchen storage ideas that you may love.

1: Corner Drawers
Corners are one of the the least utilised spaces in the kitchen room, making them one of the biggest missed storage opportunities in the house. By having kitchen corner drawers, you will be able to have additional space for storing your pots, pans and appliances. Moreover, it will also help you keep your kitchen room tidy and allows it to retain its designer look.

2: Built-in Pantry Shelving
How about installing larger storage in the narrow space available between the units or appliances? You can use this storage for food or to place your dry goods. Installing this shelving unit will keep your kitchen space tidy as well as give you a unique spot for storing goods. You might also be able to fit a spice rack in there!

3: Kitchen Island
Your kitchen island is a great place for eating, drinking and meeting within your house. However, it can also be used as a great place for storage. Create shelves around the kitchen island to store away your cookery books or snacks. The shelves could also be used as an ‘easy to reach place’ for storing ingredients you use on a daily basis during cooking.

4: Storage above the Cabinets
Space available on the top of every kitchen cabinet can be used as a storage space. Most people usually overlook this place, but if it is well utilised, it can used to store various items. Kitchen appliances and tools that you don’t use on a daily basis could be stored on the top. This will free up space that these appliances and tools would otherwise have utilised.

5: Hidden Drawers
Your cabinet storage spaces could be modified into larger storage spaces. Install tall cabinets that provide a lot of space which could then be utilised effectively by adding shelves and kitchen drawers. Use kitchen shelf packs to make room for your bowls, bottles and other kitchenware.

6: Open Shelving
Storage space does not necessarily mean that you have to keep it hidden. How about showcasing all your kitchen supplies throughout the kitchen room? To do this, you will have to build floating shelves and other open shelves that have the most innovative visual effects. Moreover, open shelving also makes it easy to access things.

7: Hanging Storage
In a small kitchen space, storage solutions can get tricky but not impossible. If you don’t have enough counter space, use hanging storage options such as hooks or magnetic boards to maximise your space utilisation. To make sure that your kitchen counter tops are kept clear, hang your utensils, cutting boards and other kitchen items.

8: Bar Style Glass Storage
Have you always want your own bar in the house? Well in that case, you can entertain your guests with a kitchen bar of your own. If you have enough space in your kitchen room, install an area where wine glasses are hanging upside down, giving out a beautifully aesthetic appeal. Use your kitchen wall as a built-in wine rack, letting you showcase your wine collection.

9: Pull Out Bin
Trash cans are a very unattractive item in a designer kitchen. This is why it is always best to hide it away and keep your floor space free. You can use the space beneath the sink for keeping the trash can, bin bags, air fresheners and kitchen cleaners. If you want something more permanent, go for built-in bins underneath the sink area.

Following these nine great kitchen storage ideas will help you save space, allowing your kitchen room to appear cleaner and elegant.