Access Matting for Stable Access to all Surfaces

Access matting

Access matting refers to portable platforms used to support equipment in the construction industry, such as camps, tanks, drilling rigs, and helipads.

Access matting can also be used as a structural roadway to provide trucks safe passage over unstable ground surfaces.

Access mats’ names

Access mats have many different applications. The application of the access mat determines its name. Common names for access mats include swamp mat, industrial mat, or construction mat.

Types of access matting

There are three categories of access matting:

#1. Construction mats

These mats provide a smooth walking and driving surfaces in commercial or industrial construction settings, regardless of the weather. Construction mats help reduce the crew’s downtime and increase the probability of the timeous completion of tasks.

They also help with the overall safety of construction sites. Companies use these mats for projects, such as

#2. Heavy-equipment mats

This type of access matting consists of mats made from durable, load-bearing materials, specifically for use with heavy equipment.

One example of heavy-equipment mats is crane mats, designed for exceptional heavy use. Companies use crane mats for applications, such as wind farms, module yards, pipe yards, and piers.

#3. Access mats

Companies use access mats to create temporary roads and work sites, especially in environmentally sensitive or remote areas, such as fens and wetlands. Access mats are sometimes called swamp or bog mats.

Different countries make swamp mats from different materials. In the USA, swamp mats are made from mixed hardwoods, while Canadian companies make these mats using coniferous species such as firs or pines.

Another type of access mat is the rig mat, also known as wood or steel mats.

Construction of access matting

Access mats can be made of a variety of materials, including:

Access matting uses

Access matting is used in a range of commercial and industrial uses. They can be used temporarily for one-time use or repeatedly for different projects.

They can also be used for a semi-permanent feature. At times access matting is used in non-traditional settings, such as water throughs for cattle or temporary parking.

Installation and removal of access matting

In most countries, access mats are removed when they are no longer serving a purpose.

Most providers of access mats include the removal of the access mats, which they then rent out, store, or destroy, depending on the condition of the access mats upon removal.

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