AngularJS Developers: Advantages, Features, and Cost

AngularJS Developers

Do you want to hire AngularJS developers in India? AngularJS has been a top choice for developers for several years to create web and mobile applications around the globe.

Its popularity is due to its ability to develop functional applications with necessary features in a shorter time frame. Furthermore, due to its sturdy and flexible solutions, it offers various solutions to business issues, making it an ideal choice for developing applications for several markets.

Apart from that, applications made with Angular provide an excellent user experience, which is identified as a prime element in the success of an app.

Nonetheless, the rising need for AngularJS has also caused the disclosure of many AngularJS development services. For a business manager, picking the right AngularJS developer in India is tough when there are so many choices.

This blog will help you identify the criteria to consider when hiring AngularJS developers. In addition, we will guide you to the best place to find highly skilled AngularJS developers in India who can create a profitable application based on your business. Let us start by taking a look.

Advantages of Hiring Angular Developers In India

Hiring skilled Angular developers can be a strategic move for businesses looking to build robust web applications with modern, dynamic user interfaces.

Angular, a popular open-source front-end framework developed by Google, offers numerous advantages for web development projects.

From its powerful features and scalability to its extensive community support and ease of use, hiring Angular developers can bring a range of benefits to your development team.

In this blog, we will explore some of the key advantages of hiring Angular developers and how they can contribute to the success of your web development projects.

Here are some crucial advantages of hiring Angular Developers India: 

#1. Skilled & Experienced Developers

Angular developers are very proficient and well-informed regarding front-end development. They have a thorough understanding of Angular and TypeScript languages that make the development process smoother and more efficient.

It is also essential to have familiarity with accompanying technologies such as Node and Webpack to do asynchronous activities.

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#2. Timely Results

As technology advances, Angular developers must be able to adapt and incorporate new methods and tools to complete projects efficiently. When designing Angular applications, the user experience should be the primary focus as its desired outcomes.

Our Angular developers are reliable and will deliver projects on time and within budget. It is promising to hire Angular developers from India, as they are typically much less expensive than those from other countries with skill sets.

#3. Cost-effective

If you have a restricted budget for a website or app of high quality and packed with features, then Angular development is the most suitable and cost-effective option.

With the help of Angular developers from India, you can reduce the development cost by a large margin – up to 60-70 times cheaper. Numerous Indian developers have extensive knowledge and can provide remarkable services at reasonable prices.

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#4. Developers Are Aware Of the Latest Technology

When you hire an angular developer in India, you will benefit from the sophisticated features they can include in your projects.

Moreover, these developers are knowledgeable about current technological developments and the tools they can use to create the most competitive software for you.

#5. Effective Communication

Reliable communication is essential when you decide to outsource a project. With effective communication, outsourcing can lead to predictable events. Indian angular developers are renowned for their communication expertise and ability to interact with customers.

If you hire an angular developer from India, they will ensure that your project goals are achieved, which can only be done if they communicate effectively.

#6. No Time Zone Barrier

When you hire an AngularJS Developer in India, they are available 24/7 and can work on it according to your time zone.

When you assign your Angular project to an Indian coder, they will corroborate to take care of the development process while keeping in mind your country’s schedule.

Consequently, there is no need to worry about the time difference when you employ an Angular developer from India.

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The Bright Future of AngularJS

Angular 12 has been around since 2021 and has quickly gained a large following. It has demonstrated its worth and offers many features, such as bullish coalescing templates, improved documentation, stricter typing, Webpack 5 integration, and inline SaSS support.

With so much interest from Google and the Angular community, the future of Angular looks favourable, with many great features on the way.

#1. Strict Typing

Introducing stricter typing can help with better programmer ergonomics. By utilizing demanding typing, more problems can be recognized by the development process after completion.

#2. Zone.js Can be Optional

Using Zone.js in the past was difficult, but this is no longer the case. Now, the Angular team can decrease the application package size and improve debugging with native async. Additionally, any detected modifications can be carefully redone.

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#3. Decrease Framework Overhead

Getting rid of Legacy View Engine technology has been an incredibly satisfying experience. It undoubtedly results in reduced maintenance expenses, a smaller package size, less complexity, and more!

#4. Test Times & Debugging

The automated testing process provides improved separation between tests. Once a test is complete, all that needs to be done is to modify the TestBed. It automatically cleans up all the resources and significantly decreases the duration of the build process.

#5. Utilizing ngc

A reliable method to significantly enhance a developer’s build performance and lower upkeep expenses is to incorporate the Angular compiler as a plugin of the Typescript compiler.

#6. Optional NgModulars

It is now possible to create independent components and use different APIs simultaneously, thanks to Optional NgModulars.

#7. Including Directives

This function permits coders to make individual pieces. Implementing components is effortless as they can insert instructions without difficulty. It is also worth noting that there is no need to use inheritance.

#8. Ergonomic Component Level Code-Splitting APIs

One of the most common issues in web apps is the long loading times. Due to that, experienced Angular developers use granular code-splitting to speed up the launch process. To make the launch faster, assure the code is split up on a component level.

Sectors Use AngularJS Applications

Since the emergence of the AngularJS framework in October 2010, it has been instrumental in developing efficient applications for businesses, aiding them in achieving great success.

Notable examples of applications created with AngularJS include:

#A. Netflix

Indeed, it is true. Netflix is currently one of the most popular applications, crafted using the AngularJS programming language. This application is a superior and interactive interface and is crafted using Angular.

It, combined with its seamless connection with the database, allows users to watch their favourite movies and series without technical issues.

#B. Paypal

Paypal is an enormously popular payment application constructed with AngularJS development services that handle millions of financial transactions.

It boasts over 305 million active users, demonstrating the impressive effectiveness of the program that allows it to process smoothly- an immense number of exchanges.

#C. Upwork

Upwork is a marketplace that links businesses and individuals with freelancers to finish their jobs.

Angular allows Upwork to include features like payment systems, in-app talking, and testing. Companies like Upwork must take advantage of Angular to create these convenient solutions.

#D. Gmail

These days, almost everyone has a Gmail account. With over 1.5 billion users and counting, it’s one of the most popular email services.

Gmail has made it easy for users to interact with each other by developing a single-page interface with AngularJS which allows for data to be displayed and updated in real time.

#E. Forbes

Forbes is a highly respected business magazine among the world’s best magazines. The application’s immense popularity is due to its straightforward yet compelling interface that professionally displays data.

Angular created a dynamic and responsive web application for Forbes that is cross-platform compatible, making it the leader in its field.

The extensive and top-notch applications created with AngularJS are seemingly endless. Microsoft Xbox, Google Play Store, Mixer, Weather, and Samsung are all products of AngularJS development services.

Regardless of your industry, AngularJS provides the perfect solution to your business needs and requirements. Consequently, any business that desires to build an application must use AngularJS.

Points To Know While Selecting An Angular Development Company

Choosing the top AngularJS development service takes work, especially when there are so many providers. That is why you should provide the criteria to help you decide on the best AngularJS development firm for your business requirements.

#A. Developers Experience & Expertise

When hiring AngularJS developers in India, the most important thing to consider is their experience creating Angular apps.

It is beneficial to inspect the portfolio of the company and the projects they have completed.

Examining their applications will help measure their field proficiency and determine if they can carry out your project.

#B. Level of Skills

You should hire AngularJS developers in India with advanced knowledge and experience in AngularJS programming.

Have a private conversation with them, posing some relevant technical queries. Additionally, give the applicants a task to complete to assess their proficiency.

#C. Medium of Communication with Developers

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential part of any transaction. You should confirm hiring AngularJS developers with strong communication abilities to prevent misunderstandings of project specifications and ensure the right outcome.

#D. Designated Project Manager 

Companies often opt for an AngularJS development agency instead of individual freelancers because of the well-structured development process they offer.

Quality companies will assign a project manager and a team of developers to work on your project.

The project manager ensures that you are aware of the development of your application and validate that the teams adhere to the instant protocols for application development.

How to Hire a Dedicated AngularJS Developer?

It is an efficient and successful strategy for locating the most suitable AngularJS developers in India for your project:

#A. Define Your App Concept

The initial step is to define your concept to create a successful mobile or web program for your business.

Make a note of your idea and the components you would like to include in the application so that you can go through it with the experts from the AngularJS development company.

#B. Select Some Renowned App Development Firms

The following step is to hire a dedicated AngularJS Developer you believe is most appropriate for your venture.

Demonstrating that you are gathering all this data from our site shows the greatness we convey to accomplish the outcomes we desire. 

#C. Discuss the Project Requirements And Costs 

Gather with two or three of your top candidates to talk about the needs of your project and the associated expenses.

It will help you to cross out companies that are over your financial plan and whose specifications need to be more satisfactory.

#D. Choose the Right Option 

Examine all the factors such as financial resources, expertise, and capabilities of the engineers, the firm’s portfolio, etc., and choose the suitable one that is most appropriate for you.

#E. Finalize the Agreement 

You can finalize your agreement with the AngularJS development agency that has met all your criteria and is ready to commence your venture immediately.

Ensure your needs are not absolute and should be flexible for the best results for your program.

Cost To Hire AngularJS Developers

If you want to create a web application using the AngularJS platform, the first thing to consider is whether to hire a skilled AngularJS developer or a company.

We will explain the cost of AngularJS app development and analyze the factors that can change the price and advantages at various stages.

Hiring an AngularJS developer in India is typically more affordable than in the US or other regions, so this could be an option if you are on a budget.

The main criterion to consider is picking the correct developer and business for your venture. Moreover, ascertaining the expense of creating an AngularJS application is also simple.

All you have to do is to follow the directions below and conduct your cost estimation. If you are determined to obtain the services of a dedicated developer from the United States, you need to be enlightened that they could charge you around $84,344 in one year and $45 per hour.

Those who want to hire services from something other than an ordinary web development company or a developer can go for an AngularJS web development business.

AngularJS is a platform that provides you with all the features since it has the competencies to do the same, so you can forgo the idea of choosing the mainstream platforms.

These various companies may charge you approximately $2500 a month and $29,000 a year. Compared to the US, mainstream businesses in India are relatively inexpensive.

COUNTRIES Cost (Monthly)
USA $8000
United Kingdom  $7,500
Australia $6000
Eastern Europe $3500
India $2500


Cost to Hire AngularJS Developers according to Per Hour

USA $100 to $500
United Kingdom $80 to $400
Australia $60 to $350
Europe $100 to $500
India $10 to $100


Are You Ready To Have Your Project Started With AngularJS?

Finding the right AngularJS developers for your project should no longer be difficult. You now have the necessary information to hire a dedicated AngularJS Developer in India.

We are a renowned Angular development firm with a long history of developing AngularJS applications.

Furthermore, our talented Angular developers provide straightforward solutions to complex business problems to create applications that will expand and evolve.


#1. What should I do if I need clarification on the specifications of my project?

If you are doubtful about your project requirements, start by discussing them with the development team. They will be able to understand what your project needs and suggest the best approach. Moreover, they can help you create a comprehensive list of requirements for your project and guarantee that it will be implemented successfully.

#2. Will I be the sole owner of my project?

Yes, you will get full ownership and complete control over your project. The development team will provide you with the source code and all other related materials, verifying that you have full rights over the project.

#3. How much time will it take to hire AngularJS developers?

The time taken to hire AngularJS developers depends on the project’s complexity and the developers’ availability. Generally, it takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to find the right AngularJS developers for your project.

#4. What will happen if I am not glad about the completed project?

If you are satisfied with the delivered project, you should communicate it to the development team. It will work with you to understand your requirements and make changes to the project as necessary. Furthermore, they will also provide post-delivery support to ensure you are self-satisfied with the project.


Hiring an AngularJS developer for your next project is a great way to bring a powerful and efficient web development language to your team. With the equitable selection process and due diligence, you can find the perfect AngularJS developer for your needs.

Consider the skills and experience most important to your project, and look for a developer who can bring those qualities to the table. With the right combination of talent and expertise, you can ensure your project succeeds.

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