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Many fishermen experience a lot of issues with their fishing reels during the fishing season. Even though these frustrations have been substantially reduced, they have not been eliminated entirely. This has led to some fishermen having a minimal catch when at sea when they can actually get a good catch. The problem is that most fishermen that experience these problems do not have the knowledge on how to fix it. In this article, we shall look at ways on how to avoid wind knots with spinning reels.

Use line conditioner

Experts say that the best way to manage your spinning reel is by using a line conditioner. This is because while it helps in keeping knots off the reel, it also enhances the castability of the reel. A line conditioner has been used by many fishermen, most especially those using a cheap fishing reel. This is major because of the low cost of getting a line conditioner. Another reason why a line conditioner is becoming popular with fishermen is its easy availability. One can get it almost in all outlets selling fishing gears.

Using warm water

Warm water has been established to be an effective cure for kinks and knots on a fishing line. Traditional fishermen and those who cannot afford to purchase a line conditioner prefer using warm water to keep their reels in good condition. After your day’s activity, you are advised to put your reel in a bowl of warm water instead of putting it on the floor. Warm water will help the reel to lay tightly on the spool and thus avoid getting kinks and knots. The use of warm water has however been faced out by the introduction of line conditioner and other means of keeping the reel safe without getting knots. Only a few fishermen still use this old method.

Be careful when fishing

One of the best methods to ensure your fishing reel remains in good condition is devoting yourself to taking good care of it. This is most important because it is you who understand best how you want your reel o to be like. And also, you understand the importance of the reel to you fishing activities. You should avoid sharing it with people or allowing children to play around with it.

Use the correct lure

One of the major cause of wind knots is using too light lure when using heavier lines.  Too light lure will make it hard for you to cast far when fishing. Also, the light lure will make it hard for you to pull the catch during fishing, making it hard to stick tightly to the spool. This will eventually make your reel to generate knots. Using the right lure that matches the line you are using helps it lie tightly on the spool and thus when casting far into the sea, the reel will not coil itself to create the knots.

Using the right method to avoid wind knots on your reel has many other benefits. Seasoned fishermen explain that it helps enhance the durability of the fishing line. This is mostly because of the great care accorded to the line to avoid the wind knots. Also, these methods do not affect the tensile of the fishing reel.

For whatever reason, you must understand that taking good care of you reel goes a long way in securing your job. It makes it less costly as you will not be required to buy another one from time to time.

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