Places To Visit in Bangalore

The ‘Garden City of India’, ‘Silicon Valley of India’ or the ‘IT capital of India’, whatever sobriquet you may ascribe to it, Bangalore stands out among the top cities in India.

No wonder, it’s the IT hub of India, which makes it the ideal choice of all IT companies to settle in. Even the headquarters of top IT organizations of India, like Wipro, Infosys, and ISRO are housed in Bangalore.

But apart from it being the technological park, there are various interesting places to visit in Bangalore, from gardens, temples and museums, to amusement parks, shopping markets and national parks.

A plethora of flights are run to and fro Bangalore, connecting all major cities of India. The frequency of Mumbai to Bangalore flights is the highest, owing to the proximity of the two cities. So, quickly book a ticket and get ready to have a memorable tour to Bangalore.

Let’s have a glimpse of the highlights of Top 3 Bangalore Places!

LalBagh Botanical Garden

The Garden City of India spotlights the LalBagh Botanical Garden, an exquisite place for all kinds of folks, from photographers, painters, poets to nature-lovers, tourists and tired souls.

It is a great garden to live and flourish your dreams as well as relax your exhaustive minds from the bustle of the monotonous lives!

This garden features over a thousand species of flowers, and their  aroma spreads across the entire garden, rejuvenating the souls. The famous glass house in LalBagh hosts annual flower shows, which woos people from all over the world!

The vivid colours of the flowers and the lush greenery of nature is bound to satiate all your senses! There are also some exotic species of birds, like Pond Heron, parakeets, Brahminy Kite, Common Egret, Purple Moor Hen Which etc., which are like a cute cherry on a cake!

Cubbon Park is another popular park, harbouring a multitude of trees and plants. It is a picturesque place for photography and leisure! There is also a special toy train for the kiddies out there. Let’s go ‘Choo- Choo’!

Iskcon Sri Radha Krishna Temple

No place, in a Spiritual Country Like India, is complete without a temple! So is the case with Bangalore. The famous and the prestigious temple, which attracts all the divine souls, The Iskcon Sri Radha Krishna-Chandra Temple, is proudly erected in Bangalore.

It is the temple of Lord Krishna and also houses the deities, Sri SriRadha Krishna Chandra, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri SriNitaiGauranga, Sri SrinivasaGovinda and Sri PrahladaNarasimha.

It’s always good to collect some souvenirs for an everlasting memory of your vacation. You can buy various religious books of Krishna, as well as music DVD’s and tapes from the shop at the exit of the temple.

Wonderla Amusement Park

Exhilarating is the word for this amazing adventure park! Fun, frolic, amusement, leisure, madness, all these are insufficient to describe what all one can experience here.

A perfect place for all age groups, this amusement park has an array of fun-rides, swimming pools, water rides and a musical fountain!

If this is less to quench your thirst of adventure, you can shake your legs at the dance floor, or watch the laser shows or a special virtual reality show, showcased here.

A single day would be less to get a kick out of it! A must visit place for all the adventure buffs!