Bathroom remodeling scene today is full of glamorous attractions and fabulous innovations that every homeowner is likely to get distracted if one do not shop with a proper plan. By selecting the right bathroom fittings, one can build a bathroom of their design dreams. Also referred as bathroom jewellery, these Bathroom Fittings Accessories are a smart idea to give the bathroom a complete facelift.

5 best bathroom fittings Accessories

Bathroom no longer remains a place which one uses for cleaning or completing the morning ablutions yet this space has off late turned into a place where one can actually relax as well as groom themselves and to make a bathroom even more functional and comfortable, choosing the right bathroom fittings can be of great help.

Bathroom now has become an integral part of every abode. It is now an essential design trait in the home that showcases who one is and what he/she likes. People these days prefer a bathroom that is beautiful, bold and above all comfortable. While designing a bathroom, one must take into consideration the space they have and also segregate the dry and wet areas. Just as any other fashion trend for home accessory, jewellery and clothing; bathroom too needs special focus in the forms of remodeling and fittings.


Much to everyone’s delight, many bath accessories comprise of trendy and unique mirrors on the bathroom walls which speaks volume of one’s own distinct expression. Choosing a good quality mirror will give an ornamental look to one’s bathroom. However one must keep in mind that the lighting is mounted on the top, right or left of the mirror in order to avoid shadow.


These days showers are available in a plethora of types such as one positioned over the bath, a shower with shower heads and mixer taps and also a standalone shower. For gaining the experience of a perfect shower each day, one can also choose from power, electric and body jet showers for them.

Wash basin

It is advisable to go for a wash basin that is broad enough for enabling one to comfortably wash their face and hands. The taps should be clearly marked as cold or hot.

Toothbrush holder

Soap dish and soap dispenser- choosing the right accessories will help to give one’s bathroom a unique and neat look.

Toilet cistern

This plays a vital role in giving one’s bathroom a stylish look. Available in a plethora of styles, toilet seats must be carefully chosen as per one’s likes and budget.