Top Trends for Bathroom Wall Tiles in India

Bathroom Wall Tiles Ideas

As Home Decor Trends change, we see new styles and looks emerging every year. While some trends indicate a more Scandinavian style with clean, clear lines, other trends indicate a rustic charm. These are not necessarily contradictory, just an expression of different styles in decor — from the classic vintage to the stark modern.

Bathroom Wall Tiles also shows this unique plurality of fashion, of expressing different styles and looks. Some of the trends we see emerging this year are:

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Concrete Grey

Grey has never looked quite this glam before! One of the most interesting trends today is the use of concrete looking grey wall tiles for an industrial look. For some warmth and character you can choose patterned grey tiles that have a natural stone look. Alternately, you can use natural stone in grey colour, which has a natural pattern. Pair the grey tiles with wooden and metallic fittings in copper or brass for some warmth.

Subway Tiles

The subway tiles often make a comeback and this year we are experimenting with different colours! Instead of the classic white, try a vibrant shade like teal. This simple wall tile can take any bathroom wall up a several notches. You can also try experimenting with the pattern. A classic herringbone always works, but a straight vertical look is equally classic.

Let The Floors Speak

If you like a bit of surprise, reverse the order of tiles. Keep the bathroom wall tiles simple and choose the floor tiles to make a statement. Find floor tiles that have interesting patterns. Or you could also switch the colour scheme — choose bathroom wall tiles in neutral shade, while tiling the floor in a vibrant colour. Such as combining grey wall tiles with a shiny maroon floor!


Patterns have come back and how! Today you can find really colourful and interesting patterns, something that fits any taste – from art deco to floral. The trick here is to focus on the laying of the tiles. If a room full of patterned tiles is too much, try a single wall or a panel. You can put a panel by the bathtub, shower cubicle or over the sink.

3D Tiles

Another emerging trend is that of 3D Tiles. With many manufacturers now experimenting with 3D tiles, there are a number of interesting tiles to pick from. But it is important to decide how and where you will lay these. A room full of 3D tiles in the bathroom can be overwhelming. So, confine it to a wall or a panel. Combine it with monochromatic tiles to bring out the eye-popping drama of a 3D tile.

Monochromes: This is the year of minimalism and so monochromes are the talk of the season when it comes to Bathroom Wall Tiles India.

You can always try the stark white, but monochromes are really great for creating drama. Try unusual colours like glossy black, maroon or teal for an effortlessly elegant look. If you are going with a neutral shade like a light grey or beige, we recommend a natural stone or natural looking tiles with natural patterns.

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