Application Monitoring

There is nothing worse than for the IT department to get a call that the network is down. Unfortunately, in many situations, even the ideal IT team may lack the visibility necessary to get ahead of performance problems, which means you’re left staring at a problem that cannot be fixed right away. When there is an outage, the clock continues to tick, and the longer it takes to fix the problem, the more it’s costing you with lost productivity, staff time, and client/customer satisfaction. Virtual servers, routers and switches, wireless devices, and all types of applications need round the clock network monitoring. With a server & application monitor, you can keep tables on all of your network technology, which allows you to find and fix problems quick-before they get worse. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect with server and application monitoring.

IT Outages

Whether it’s configuration issues, human error, or environmental causes, there are a number of different things that may cause IT outages. A server and application monitor is a basic and easy way to prevent the outages from occurring in the first place. With server and application monitoring, you can stay ahead of any potential issues and by showing live network performance data, the monitoring software will help you to identify outages that may lead to bottlenecks.

Repair Problems Quickly

When the network is down, it is costing you time and money. Server and application monitoring makes it easy and quick to find and repair the problem. Whether it’s due to higher than normal traffic or a configuration error, the monitoring software will help you get to the bottom of the problem, repair it and move on quickly. Also, along with identifying problems by way of network monitoring, you can fix the problem automatically, without having to get other people involved.

Minimized & Identified Security Threats

If your company is like most companies, there is very little in your budget for instruction detection software, but you still need a method of protection against data breaches, server & application monitoring can help to ensure your business’s critical data is secure. The program allows you to identify anything out of the ordinary that is connected to your network, from unfamiliar devices to increased traffic, which allows you to take a proactive step toward network security.

There is definitely not a shortage of server & application monitor vendors available, ranging from free to expensive. The best server and application monitoring will allow you to be prepared for future success by assisting you with understanding the health of your network and identifying potential performance bottlenecks. It’s important to take your time, review all of the features, and choose the best monitoring system for your needs.