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Going to Hyderabad and wondering what can be done or experienced that is unconventional, surreal and injects a refreshing feeling in you? Well, the clamouring bazaars and the same old monuments can’t do the needful.

For the very purpose, a weekend getaway to a lesser-known spot is an ideal idea. Talking of getaways, have you ever considered heading for the beaches around Hyderabad? If not yet, then this is the time to do so!

Have a meeting to attend in Hyderabad for a day? No problem! Check for the flights from Delhi to Hyderabad today and leave tomorrow on this very section you will read. Yes, who said that you have nothing more to do in Hyderabad than attend a meeting?

Best Beaches near Hyderabad

4 Best Beaches near Hyderabad

Ask your sweetheart or friends to join you at the beaches of Hyderabad. Sounds vague? Beaches and Hyderabad? Well, read ahead and unveil the trove of beaches that the city of Nizams has in its proximity to provide you with a rejuvenating weekend escapade.

#1. Vizag Beach

Vizag is a port town situated at a distance of 572 km from Hyderabad. Vizag, or Visakhapatnam, was previously a part of the Kalinga region, later conquered by King Ashoka.

Later the region got propelled by the teachings of Buddhism, the evidence of which can be felt even today. Visakhapatnam’s long expanse of beaches can be occupied with regular beach exercises.

Flanked by lavish moving greens with the odd maritime boat not too far off, it makes for a pretty sight.

#2. Bheemili Beach

Bheemunipatnam, otherwise called the beach of Bheemili, is situated at a distance of 604 km from Hyderabad and is 32 km from Vishakhapatnam. One can enjoy boating or swimming here.

The Dutch governed this spot in the seventeenth century, the reminiscences of which can be seen in the Dutch Fort and Dutch Tombs. The Dutch tombs are decorated with a pirate’s skull and crossbones. One can even witness the presence of Lord Narsimha around there.

#3. Manginapudi Beach

The beach is at a distance of 351 km from Hyderabad and lies on the Bay of Bengal. The extraordinary thing about this beach is its dark soil. It is a prominent pilgrim spot which is visited by a large number of travellers on the event of Maha Purnima.

As per Hindu conviction, taking a plunge on Maha Purnima can offer you some assistance with getting a superior re-birth and will help in disposing of all terrible karma. Dattashram is a sanctuary of Lord Shiva on the stream bank and has the noteworthiness of worshipping the quaint nine wells.

#4. Ramakrishna Beach

Ramakrishna Beach is the most famous beach lying 650 km from Hyderabad in Vishakhapatnam. The Ramakrishna Mission ashram is situated in this very zone; therefore, the beach has been named Ramakrishna Mission beach.

It houses the eminent INS Kursura Submarine Museum, where the Kalvari class submarine has been saved and shown. The beach draws in a gigantic number of vacationers. One can appreciate swimming, sun showering, and playing beach volleyball here.

Visiting this beach will make you forget all the tourist places in Hyderabad that you have visited so far. Hurry up!

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