11 Best Places To Visit in Rajasthan

Best Places To Visit in Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is home to old royal residences, tattered towns and secluded spots. It is also a state with stories of adoration, penance and selling out. What’s more, amongst this loftiness lies the most spooky spots in India.

These stories verge on being valid as individuals offer stories about their hair-raising encounters here.

So, if you have a strong heart and are brave enough, trot to one of these towns and know-how true or false these stories are. Don’t say later that who didn’t warn you!

Are you bored of looking for the mainstream Rajasthan tour packages, looking in awe at the various extravaganzas of the Rajputana state like a typical tourist? Well, try something different this time.

Best Places To Visit in Rajasthan

Instead of checking out the famous palaces and towns that even today attract tourists worldwide, please go check out the abandoned, quiet spots in Rajasthan that have been waiting to share their stories for ages.

These still have narrators, though not in physical form. You might find one or two of them floating mid-air, whispering something in your ear! Scared? Don’t try then. Excited? Go ahead, buddy!

#1. Alwar

Alwar provides a breathtaking panorama of the natural surroundings. It is home to forests and lakes, and mountains in the Aravalli.

Many historical sites are among the main attractions of this city. It is a fascinating place for archaeologists.

This is where the Pandavas from Mahabharata are believed to have stayed. Mahabharata was believed to have resided in the latter years of exile.

#2. Ajmer

This is among the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. It was under the control of the Chauhans for a long time. Mohammed Ghori captured the city in 1193 AD.

Its Dargah in Moinuddin Chisti is a place that Muslims and Hindus revere. The city also has the Brahma temple visited by many people from across the globe. There isn’t a single Brahma temple in the world.

#3. Bikaner

This city is situated in the northern portion of the State. The city is famous for its camel rides that are among the most thrilling worldwide.

The camel isn’t just employed as a method of transportation. It also works in the wells. The biggest Camel Research Centre here where breeding of camels also takes place.

There are dunes of sand here that can be seen from some distance.

#4. Jaipur

It is the capital city of Rajasthan. It is also known as the “Pink City. It’s located around 220 kilometers from the capital city of India.

It is a fast-growing city and also boasts an extensive cultural heritage. It is the most visited city in all of Rajasthan.

The city earned its name because of its pink façade of kinds of stones used to construct the exterior of many of the structures here.

#5. Jaisalmer

This is a place that permeates the wonder that is the deserts. There are historical Jaisalmer forts that tell about the past of the region.

This is the perfect spot to experience the dunes and your camel ride. You’ll be able to take in the vast expanses of desert that you can go on a camel safari.

#6. Jodhpur

Jodhpur was once the capital city of Marwar. It has retained its old splendor to a great extent. It is located close and close to the Thar Desert.

It has the taste of the pride in the Marwari. It is possible to see the magnificent Fort, which tells a good amount about the past of times long gone.

#7. Mount Abu

It’s a gorgeous location that was visited by the royals and the British later to enjoy enjoyment and recreation.

It is among the most frequent destinations for travelers in Rajasthan. The weather is extremely enjoyable and makes it a great escape for people during summer.

#8. Udaipur

Another town that is a historical one that has beautiful places. Its Udaipur lake is awe-inspiringly famous.

#9. Bhangarh

This is a town that most likely everybody has heard about. Bhangarh Fort lies directly in the middle of Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan, at the edge of Sariska Tiger Reserve.

It has developed as a standout amongst the most prevalent tourist places since it is a genuinely haunted site.

Legends say that the Princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati, was beautiful because a fiendish Tantrik called Singhia fell in love with her and wanted the princess for himself. So he took a stab at utilizing dark enchantment on the princess so she would come to him.

But the princess soon realized his shrewd aims and didn’t give him a chance to succeed. Subsequently, Singhania kicked the bucket and reviled the royal residence before it. Sometime later, the sovereigns died, and a war broke out.

The spot has been left and is known for spooky stories from that point forward. Do not visit post-sunset!

#10. Kuldhara

Kuldhara lies 17 kms far from the city of Jaisalmer. Legend has that about around 300 years back, Kuldahara was a prosperous town and would serve the Paliwal Brahmins under the state of Jaisalmer.

In any case, legend has that the hostile stares of the defiled PM of that state, Salim Singh, were frequenting the little girl of the leader of the town of Kuldhara. The priest was capable and had the goal of wedding her by power.

Both the villagers and the young ladies were not excited about giving in to the thought, and they wanted this oppression of the priest to end. In this manner, the Paliwals held a gathering where around 85 villagers chose to leave their familial homes and flew overnight.

Since then, numerous have attempted to spend a night here, but peculiar things and intriguing paranormal activities hushed them away.

#11. Jagatpura

Jagatpura is another area where travelers prefer not to go much since it is spooky. It is one of the less dwelled spots of the state. It is said that once witches would hone in the territory, and it was a center point of hostility and dark enchantment.

To date, the spirits of these witches are seen strolling here along the streets of Jagatpura in white outfits and relaxed black hair. The villagers and the occupants of the range bolster the cause as well.

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