Incredible Indonesia

Indonesia is the well-known island which is extended far and wide. It is one of the largest and most relaxing archipelagos in the world. Indonesia has approximately 17,000 islands, enclosing a large portion of Southeast Asia. One can find a list of attractive spots in Indonesia.

Tourists who are fond of relaxing on the spectacular beaches, they must set their feet in the renowned destination of Indonesia. The striking panoramic views and the peppy locales make the environment more alluring. If your next holiday destination is Indonesia, then there are some interesting sides which are truly unmissable.

Aside from striking beaches and water sports activities and, Indonesia has a lot more in store for all tourists in the vibrant markets. The traditional market of Indonesia is a fascinating place to be in. The buzzing market is must-a-visit zone. Dive into the cultural side and shop your best in the below mentioned markets:

Tanah Abang Market

This is a beautiful market situated at the Kelurahan Kebon Kacang in Indonesia. Here you can shop for cheap and quality clothes. You can also bargain about the price. The is the biggest wholesale textile market where you will get various clothes, denims, kids and baby attires, handbags, purses, batik and decorative things.

LokBatain Floating Market

Apart from malls, every traveler does a visit to a floating market. LokBatain is the oldest and largest of floating market that includes rowing boats. Here you can shop for varieties of fruits, vegetables, snacks and even best apparels.


A pasarmalam means night mark which is a street market that is simply unbelievable and yet authentic. The market opens at daytime and runs until midnight. Explore the Pasar market that offers a wonderful display of fruits and vegetables, attractive Indonesian handicrafts and lots more at cheap prices.

Kuta Night market

This wonderful market is situated on Gianyar town’s JalanNgurahRai. Along with foremost stalls of food, the market offers a variety of goods, fruits, vegetables, appetizers, puppets, dolls, kids toys and jewelry, garments, DVDs, household furniture’s, and ritual stuff such as flowers, incense, and readymade canang. You must try bargaining, if not a must.

Seminyak Flea Markets

Seminyak is completely like a different island. The atmosphere here is more laidback and sophisticated compared to other markets in Indonesia.  With a lot of variety of shops, boutique attire stores, furniture shops, markets and art galleries this place is an amazing place to bargain.

Badung Market

One of the largest traditional Bali is Badung Market. You will see different types of stalls here selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The market usually stays open until midnight, making a colorful night marketplace. This market is mainly identified for the amazing food served here.

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