Taronga Zoo

Destination NSW keeps a close eye on the statistics concerning tourism in Sydney. They have found that, in the last four years, the nights international and domestic tourists spent in Sydney increases slowly but steadily. Families on their vacation make a portion of this number and it is no wonder that more people want to come here. There are so many interesting attractions for families, and here are some of them.

Taronga Zoo

Start the adventure by taking the ferry to the Taronga Zoo and signing up for the keepers’ talks that happen all day long in the Zoo. Once you are there, make the time for the talks, but also explore as many animals as you can from the total of 4000 species. There is also a very fun children’s area that you can visit with your youngest ones.


For those families whose imagination takes them to the stars, the center of the Sydney is the perfect place. That is the place of the amazing Sydney Observatory. Guided tours are available for the families and they are really fun. If you are up for it, you can even schedule a night visit and see the stars for yourself.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

This gorgeous place is packed with hidden pathways and secluded places for you to explore. The plants from all over the world are planted in a way that allows them to be seen and explored by your kids. Everything the Chinese Garden of Friendship is organized in a way that reflects the Taoist philosophy, so you can prepare your children for this experience by explaining the basics and then let them enjoy the wonderful garden on their own.

Randwick Area

Horse races, horse riding, rustic lifestyle and Victorian houses are all part of the charm of the Randwick area. It makes it perfect for a nice family stay-over. All you need to do is to find accommodation in Randwick area of Sydney. Make sure that it is a nice Victorian style place, because it will give you a chance to teach your children a little bit about history in a way that is interesting to them.

Bondi Beach

One of the best things that you can do on the Bondi Beach is to visit it during the amazing Festival of the Winds. This is the time when people gather here to fly their kites. Calling them kites is an understatement, because you will witness amazing, entertaining and awesome works of art being held up in the air. You and your family should make a picnic out of it, grab a blanket, have some snacks and observe the wonderful kites playing in the wind.

Sydney Aquarium

The awesome number of 700 species of marine life and over 13 000 individual specimens will make anybody curious. This means that a family day at the Sydney Aquarium is just the thing for you. If you ever wondered what a shipwreck looks like, you will get the chance to explore it in the South Coast Shipwreck part of the Aquarium. It features a wonderful display of marine animals that are most likely to inhabit such a thing at the bottom of the ocean.

You already know if your children are more into the marine life, exotic animals or watching stars. With that in mind, as well as the number of days you have at your disposal, you can organize the visit to Sydney that will be unforgettable for both you and your kids. It takes a little bit of planning ahead in order to skip the lines and order the tickets.