Best Fashion Trend and Ayurvedic Anti Aging Serums

With so many trends focusing on the slim body of the twenties, you must be thinking whether it is possible to stay stylish as the time flies.

Your body is your temple and it will appear by the way you treat it. In fact with genuine selection of clothes it is easy to be stylish and fashionable at any point of life.

The actual truth

Now, let be clear, unless and until you work out regularly, you possibly won’t end up having the same curvy body in your 40s, 50s or 60s that you had in your 20s. Time, gravity, pregnancy and body weight takes a toll on both the body and skin. Moreover, with menopause, our skin starts sagging and stubborn wrinkles start forming.

This is the time when you should take proper care of your skin. Ayurvedic anti aging serums are the best buys because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Moreover, you will also notice a drastic change in your skin texture as wrinkles begin to disappear. However you need to maintain a proper diet.

Now, when you are mixing maturity with fashion you should not make a drastic decision. It is advised to go for clothing line and colors that suit your age. You don’t want to look funny by choosing a punk dress of a younger age. When we say dress according to age, it means match your matured personality with style.

Aging is just like a bottle of wine. The more you age the more wise you become. Do you really want the problems and puberty mishaps of your younger age? The answer will be no. when we grow up our clothing taste and fashion statements changes. We tend to follow occasional clothing rather than just jumping down to our favorite clothing.

Let us check how you should approach fashion in your mid forties

Clean cuts and patterns

Clean lines and pattern creates a clean silhouette that makes the figure appear more youthful. It hides the trouble areas of your body and doesn’t bring any attention to that particular spit. Complicated cuts, seams and intricate details will definitely give you a killer look. However, you need to understand the cuts very intensively before you choose one.

Most of the women are bulkier either on their lower portion of the body or on the upper portion of the body. If you are bulkier on the lower portion of your body you must go with long flowing gowns and long tops with upper side cuts that doesn’t draw attention to your waist region. If you are bulkier on the upper side of your body, you are advised to wear three quarter sleeves. It creates a visual illusion of slim hands.


Classic styles are classic because they never go out of fashion. They look great on every body types. Sheathes, A-line slit skirt, flat front pants and trousers tend to flatter all sizes. Moreover, since they are shopped more, they will be always in your budget. Classic dresses can also be worn to parties and formal dinners.

You need to play well with the accessories. You can subtle down the look by wearing minimal accessories if you are going for a formal dinner. On the other hand if you are hitting the night club you can wear junk jewelry and boots that will give you the ultimate diva look.

Lastly, covering the right areas is the key to age gracefully. In your mid age your bust line is usually more shaped than in your twenties. Needless to say, you thighs and arm can look little out of shape. Therefore, instead of going with wild cuts you can opt for more deep yet sophisticate necklines that will accentuate your bust region.

Alexander Fernandise is a wardrobe stylist and beautician. He handles top notch clients from various walks of life. He is a stern believer of good skin and good lifestyle. He recommends Ayurvedic anti-ageing serum and proper diet to all his clients. You can visit his website for more information.