Comodo SSL Certificates

The Internet cannot be used to its full potential unless it can be trusted as a safe platform for business-related or personal transactions without Comodo SSL Certificates.

Today’s world is entirely dependent on computers and Internet for its day to day activities. But yes Internet makes your information vulnerable to leaks.

Malware developers are becoming stronger in infecting the applications and web browsers resulting in a rise in cyber-crimes.

Millions of dollars are being extracted from innocent bank accounts, and lots of sensitive information is getting into wrong hands with viruses, worms and Trojans attacks. Does that mean that the technocrats will let the internet be open to vulnerable attacks? Of course no.

Why is Comodo SSL Certificates needed?

A Comodo SSL Certificates is a layer of security over the internet that takes care of these challenges of cyber-crimes. Individuals and business trust Comodo SSL Certificates for exchange servers, Single domain, multi-domain and extended validations.

Individual authentication

Authentication is vital for each website whether it is business or personal. Users will trust any site only when it offers a secure layer of authentication that cannot be compromised. The security layer should be strong enough to be tampered by hackers.

Any website can generate business only when it is secure, and in case it is an online e-commerce platform the authentication becomes even more vital.

Information Security

SSL certificates encrypt sensitive information of website users at each step. These certificates reduce the vulnerability of data and keep it away from the hands of hackers. The decrypt key is only with the owners of the website ensuring no information lands in wrong hands for exploitation.

PC Securities

PC’s hold a lot of critical information. Hackers try to find access to this data. The information could be personal, financial or more. If the computer is connected to the internet, it is highly open to virus attacks that steal or infect the information.

SSL certificates ensure these attacks are detected and destroyed to keep the PC’s secure.

E-Commerce Securities

Every internet service has some soft points or develops them over time. SSL security layers alert security teams timely of these vulnerabilities and offer suggestions to plug or eliminate them.

Different types of Comodo SSL Certificates

  • Unified Communications
  • SSL Premium Wildcard
  • SGC Wildcard
  • SGC
  • Positive SSL Wildcard
  • Positive SSL
  • Platinum SSL Wildcard
  • Platinum SSL SGC Wildcard
  • Platinum SSL SGC
  • Instant SSL Pro
  • Instant SSL Premium
  • Instant SSL
  • Gold SSL
  • EV SSL
  • EV SGC
  • Essential SSL
  • Enterprise Platinum SSL
  • Enterprise Elite SSL
  • Code Signing Certificate

A customer handling website that offers online transactions would need extra levels of security with premium services like Extended Validation certificate, and for business authentication a Domain Validation certificate will do.

InstantSSL Certificates enable your website with the power to complete any transactions with the surety of “No Leakage” of information. This level of security promises a higher traffic flow and conversion rates.

Positive SSL EV Certificates are compatible with Explorer 7 +, FireFox 3 + and Opera 9.5 + browsers with 99.9% browser recognition and offer highest levels of authentication services, security standards, and trust.

The websites secured with Positive SSL EV certificates are highly secure for any online transactions.

A Positive SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate is cost-effective and time-saving to set up almost instant security layers. Each certificate is a package with additional tools for any size of the enterprise.

Comodo SSL Certificates Excellence

Comodo SSL certificates are being widely used in 100 countries across the globe. Comodo SSL Certificates offers a 30 days refund offer if you are not satisfied with the security standards.

  • It offers Free Internet Security for each PC.
  • Lower Cost of Website security with high-end features.
  • Comodo SSL guarantees the highest encryption standards for online e-commerce transactions. Comodo SSL certificates has 256-bit encryption standard for user data.
  • The hassle-free online purchase of certificate is quick. The process eliminates the need for any documentation. It facilitates immediate application of security standards.
  • Point to verify technology offers real-time verification of security credentials.
  • Viewer point scanning of the website and is hacker proof.

Free Comodo SSL certificate

Comodo SSL Certificates offers 90 days of the free trial period for which 99.9% of the web browsers recognize it. With a free version, you can do the testing for security standards and keep it secure for next 3 months.

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