Data Processing System

Data is becoming increasingly significant in today’s world because so much of our work relies on it. As a result, more and more data is being gathered for various purposes.

In this article, we will read Cycles types and data processing methods.

What is a Data Processing System?

Any company cannot use data in its basic form. The method of gathering raw data and converting it into useable information is a data processing system.

A company workforce of data scientists and data engineers normally does it in a step-by-step approach. The raw data is gathered, filtered, sorted, processed, analyzed, and stored before being displayed in a usable form.

A data processing system is vital for businesses to develop better marketing strategies and gain a competitive advantage. Employees across the company can comprehend and use the data by translating it to a usable format such as charts, graphs, and texts.

Types of Data Processing

Based on the data source and the procedures required by the processing unit to create an output, there are various types of data processing. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for raw processing data.

Types of Processing 

Batch ProcessingBatches of data are gathered and processed. Large amounts of data are stored in this format.

For example, in spreadsheets, data entry professionals can write a formula for a single cell and apply it to the entire column.

Real-time ProcessingWhen the input is provided, the data is processed in seconds. A small quantity of information is stored in this format.

For example-Consider, GPS tracking devices use sensors to identify heavy traffic and provide real-time feedback. While the technique saves time and effort, it is costly and requires a lot of upkeep.

Online ProcessingAs data becomes accessible, it is instantly fed into the CPU. Used to process data continuously.

For example-The best example of online processing is the bar code system. When you buy a book in a bookshop and scan the bar code, the data on the book is instantly converted to sold.

MultiprocessingData is broken down into frames and processed using two or more CPUs within a single computer system. Also known as parallel processing.

For example-weather forecasting

Electronic data processingThe computer processes the data in real-time using pre-programmed instructions from data professionals. This type of data processing is more precise, dependable, and quicker than the previous one.

For example- Spreadsheets were widely used to keep track of student grades at the time.

Time-sharingAllows many users to share computer resources and data in periods.

For example-In transaction processing, the processor runs each user application in a quantum of computing.

Data Processing Methods

Manual, mechanical, and electronic data processing are the three basic types of data processing.

Manual Data Processing

Data is manually handled in this data processing approach. Without using any other technological equipment or automation software, the whole process of data gathering, filtering, sorting, calculating, and other logical activities are carried out entirely by humans.

It is a low-cost approach that requires little to no instruments, yet it results in many mistakes, higher labor expenses, and a lot of time.

Mechanical Data Processing

Data is mechanically processed with the use of gadgets and machinery. Simple gadgets such as calculators, typewriters, and printing presses are examples.

This technique may be used to do simple data processing activities. It has fewer mistakes than manual data processing, but this approach has become more sophisticated as the amount of data has grown.

Electronic Data Processing

Modern technology is used to process data. The program is given a set of instructions to process the input and produce results.

This approach is the most costly, but it offers the quickest processing rates and the highest level of output dependability and precision.


There is a lot of important information in the data. With the increasing amount of data collected every day, more data scientists and data engineers are required to understand this data.

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