lady’s travel handbags

Shopping is one of the important hobbies of women. If a woman says that she does not like buying new stuff, she is probably lying. Among the many things that women shop for, bags are the most essential accessories. Bag shopping is not just a hobby; it is a therapy for some women. While we do not have the count of how many bags we have tucked inside our closet, there is always space for a few more.

Here are some most important handbags that you must own to look chic and trendy:


A classy clutch will accentuate your look for the formal parties and weddings. They are elegant and make a statement that you are stylish and regal. The clutch can be a simple black or white if the party is a business related one. But, if you are going to a wedding, you can take with you the gold, silver or metallic colored clutches that match with your bling outfit. You can also use sequined clutches for such occasions. The funky colored clutches are the best if you are going to a casual party. It will make a statement of its own and will attract sufficient attention.


A tote is the most comfortable handbag that you can own. One: because it is easy to carry on your shoulders and two: because it can hold anything and everything. Your makeup, book, purse, wallet, a set of clothes, just about anything. If you are on an overnight mission, this is your bag. As a tote bag comes in very handy, it is one of the most haves in your closet. You will get some wonderful tote bags in the lady’s travel handbags section.

Cross body bag

A cross body bag is easy to carry and is for occasions when you are on the go. It is comfortable and good for a day out with your friends. A cross body bag can be of any size and shape depending upon your comfort.

Back pack

Every girl needs a backpack bag. It is comfy and stylish too. You can get the most stylish designs when it comes to backpacks. A backpack can hold everything that you will need for travelling or a two-night holiday.


A satchel is a very business look kind of bag. It is suitable for working women who can carry their laptop and other office stuff in it. While carrying a boring laptop, bag will make you look simple. These satchels are stylish and handy.

Everyday Classic Handbag

This is the most important bag that one must and should have in her closet. The regular handbag, that one takes out with her on a normal day. The top handle bag, that comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. The bag is suitable for a day out, date, meetings, and workplace or just about anywhere.

These are the most important bags that women must own. Whether you are buying the best travel handbags women or best tote bags, you must make sure that they look nice when you match them with your outfits.