What is anti-fog inserts? These are face shield accessories designed for the purpose of preventing fog from forming on lenses. These inserts are designed with the characteristic of sucking up moisture, which often results in fog formation. They are more often than not used in environments which are moist and cold. Such environments include snow landscapes, chemical industries and also in aquatic environs like undersea.

This article has narrowed down to reviewing anti-fog inserts for motorcycle helmets. The inserts in this field are used for the purpose of keeping the motorcycle helmet free from fog.

Benefits of anti fog visor inserts

This accessory has been designed mainly for the following two reasons:

To eliminate fog from the motorcycle visor; for motorcycle helmet has a number of benefits to the helmet wearer. In the case that the cyclist is riding in environments which are cold and humid, these inserts come in handy. The inserts will keep the helmet visor clear of fog. This will prevent users from getting involved in an accident.

Clear vision; this goes a long way to giving the wearer a clear view of the landscape. More often than not, fog will form on the visor resulting in a blurred vision. Low vision compromises the rider’s judgment and such can lead to an accident which may or may not be fatal.

Provide eye protection to the wearer; the inserts go a long way to provide eye protection to the motorcyclist while riding in cold and humid environments. This is because the anti-fog prevents direct exposure of the eyes to fog. Direct exposure of the eyes to the fog results to possible eye strain. This condition might lead to damage or more so loss of vision.

Comfort; this is among the advantages of visor inserts. This anti-fog inserts come in handy, especially if the environmental condition is extremely cold and freezing. Such environmental condition is considered perfect for the formation of fog on the helmet visor. It is important to understand how inconveniencing it can be trying to wipe off the formed fog time and again. Therefore, having the inserts will at all-time ensure that you have a clear view. With this, you are guaranteed that no single drop of fog or dew will find its way to your visor.

The technological advancements

However, it is important to understand that not all helmets are used with the anti-fog inserts. The common motorcycle helmets more often than not use the anti-fog coating. Specially designed motorcycle helmets are designed with Pinlock systems to hold the insert.

These Pinlock systems for anti-fogs are generally the most preferred anti-fog solution for motorcycle. They are designed to create space for the anti-fog inserts. This means that the inserts are only for use with motorcycle helmets that have these pins. It’s worth noting that a number of motorcycle helmet manufacturing companies have opted for the Pinlock systems.

These anti-fog inserts slightly vary in their features depending on the manufacturer. The variables include the number of times in which the inserts are put in to reuse. Also, the inserts vary depending on where they are used. With proper maintenance and cleaning, they can serve you for a very long period of time.

How to choose an anti-fog visor insert

This is a critical process, especially for individuals who’re new to this field. There are very many visor inserts available in the market and not all can guarantee optimal performance. You must insist on quality. It is for this reason that you need to go for reputable brands such as the inserts manufactured by WeeTect, Arai, Shoei, etc. They are compatible with most motorcycle face shields.

The main factors to consider include:

1. The degree of humidity resistance; this is an important criteria when it comes to visor insert selection. You need to understand how the insert will react/change when exposed to humidity.

2. Resistant to water; another of the important criteria for choosing the insert is the level of water resistance. This criteria can be explained by how an anti-fog insert behaves when subjected to high levels of condensation. This is the main reason why most manufacturers are investing the moisture absorbing materials used to manufacture the inserts.

You need to understand that these anti-fog inserts are applied on the inside of the helmet visor. This statement might sound intuitive, but it is important to note.  This is because some of the cyclists have in one way or another placed the inserts from the outside.

So, what’s unique about some of this visor inserts?

The material composition

Having the knowledge on what anti-fog inserts are composed of goes a long way to helping one understand how they are used. Each insert is made with a gasket around its outer edge.  Inclusive to the gasket is an adhesive coating with a protective vinyl cover over the adhesive. The protective vinyl cover is designed to be removed prior to the installation of the inserts. The anti-fog inserts are also designed with a thin film layer that acts as a protective coating over the helmet visor.

The nature of the tint

This is a crucial aspect here. In fact, the Pinlock has revolutionized the motorcycle helmet industry. There are the photochromic visor inserts with the ability to change the degree of tint or rather said to be photo chromatic. By this, it means that the anti-fog inserts have the capability of changing color on exposure to radiant energy. An example is when an anti-fog insert turn its color from green to cobalt-blue on exposure. This is essential for riders in regions where the weather condition or sunlight vary.

This transformation adjusts the amount of light coming through the helmet visor. This feature in one way or another, prevents the breakdown of the normal surface tension of water molecules which normally condense on the surface of the helmet visor.

When it is all said and done, getting yourself an anti-fog insert for your motorcycle helmet is a wise thing to do. But also, it is important to understand the features of a quality and reliable anti-fog insert. This is because such will not only help you have a clear vision, but also protect your eyes from possible visual impairment.

As a precaution, there are quite a number of substandard products that have infiltrated this industry. Such inserts do not last for more than three months. That is, they can acquire scratches easily, crack or turn yellow. All these will undermine the performance for these anti-fog visor inserts. It is for this reason that you need to go for products that have passed all the anti-fog tests.