5 Best Benefits of Digital Printing of Wall Tiles!

Digital Printing of Wall Tiles

Digital Printing of Wall Tiles are one of the most preferred products for people wishing to give a unique look to their residence.

Some of the features of digital wall tile India are:

Interested to know how digital wall tiles in India are made? After its advent in the country, the technology has gone through several changes, and at present digital tiles are made using Ink-jet printing.

Benefits of Digital Printing of Wall Tiles!

The high-resolution tiles usually come with a printed resolution of 600dpi or even higher than that. Dry sublimation printers, inkjet printers, ceramic inks, and toners are some of the most used components in manufacturing digital wall tiles.

#1. Easy to clean

This is one of the most amazing benefits of tiles and an important one because tiles used in either kitchen or bathrooms easily get dirty. Digital tiles can be cleaned using any home cleaning tools, giving the house a clean look in minutes.

#2. Cost Saving

These tiles provide flexibility to print even a small number of tiles at a lesser cost. Initially, the setup cost for a digital printer may be high, but later, the tiles can be printed at a nominal cost. Digital tiles are also economical than wooden and stone tiles.

#3. Easy customization

Who can personalize digital wall tiles in India as per need? These tiles can be easily molded to meet customer requirements, be it a variation in color shade or a slight difference in the tiles’ design, who can do it all with ease and in less time. Besides being customized, these already come with astonishing designs.

#4. Durable

These are some of the toughest surfaces available in the market and are resistant to moisture, fire, and adverse weather conditions. Also, the designs stay for a long period and do not wear out easily.

#5. Consistency

Digital tiles are designed with the help of one carbon copy of the given print and are computerized; these are why the chances of discrepancy in designs from one tile to the other are minimal.

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Let us also check out some of the most popular digital wall tiles in India. Glazed vitrified digital tiles come with a glossy surface; this is the best form if you want wooden, stone, or bamboo artwork. You can also have matt finished digital tiles.

Peel and Stick Wall Tile

But just one fact that everyone should keep in mind is that these tiles are not suitable for busy working environments. Use these digital wall tiles in India where the traffic is less, and the tiles are not too much stress.

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So whether it be complex designs or more precision, digital tiles fulfill your requirement, whatever you are looking for. From murals for wall kitchens to decorative tiles for restaurants, hotels, and corporate lobbies, digital wall tiles are in high demand.

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