7 DIY home decore Ideas

Creating an impact and a nice impression at the same time can be a bit challenging, and so many people have been unable to find the delicate balance between impact and overpowering. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on hiring an interior designer, because you can use some of these easy ways to make big impact in your room.

#1. Aromatherapy

Pleasant smells help us calm down and relax, they invoke memories and prepare us for sleep. You can help yourself sleep more easily by sprinkling lavender essential oil on your pillow or keeping a small bag of dried lavender under your pillow. Another great and easy project for your is to make your own potpourri using flowers and citrus fruit and to keep it in a bowl on your bedside table.

#2. Get shelves

Sometimes empty walls can be sued for much more than hanging art and a TV. By installing large shelves you will use the space much better, you will be able to keep everything within reach and right where you can see it. For books and family photos this is a wonderful solution, but f you dislike the idea of keeping some of your more personal belongings in plain sight, you can use colourful twig or cardboard boxes instead.

#3. Accent pillows

Decorative pillows are easy to make, easy to store, and incredibly useful in transforming the room. The best thing is that you can easily make your own envelop throw pillow covers using a number of different materials, or even make special ones for every season or a holiday: Christmas, spring, Halloween… You can get as creative as you want, you can pick pricy new materials, or even use some of your old clothes to make new pillowcases.

#4. Go green

Plants are the best – they purify the air, they make every room more inviting, and taking care of plants actually calms you down. This doesn’t mean that your room should become a greenhouse and start resembling a jungle, but a couple of potted plants are really going to make a difference.

#5. Make a mirror wall

A great way to make the room appear bigger and brighter than it actually is, is to hang a huge mirror on the wall. The mirror will reflect natural light coming from the window and brighten up the space significantly, but it will also be great for making sure you look presentable before you leave your room and not having to go to the hallway or bathroom to find a mirror. If you don’t want to hang a huge one, you can instead place several smaller mirrors in different frames and enjoy the eclecticism.

#6. Accent wall

You might remember the accent red wall in Mr. Big’s bedroom in The Sex and the City TV show, so why not dare to try something similar? You can even choose something completely unexpected and paint the wall black. This is also a great idea as you can use chalks to write all over it – motivational messages and inspirational quotes to make your day better from the moment you open your eyes.

#7. Choose minimalism

We somehow managed to forget what bedrooms were all about – sanctuaries where we could relax, sleep, and gather strength for new day and new challenges that lie ahead. We fill our bedrooms with different things: TV, chairs, toys, books… Why not choose minimalism instead? Keep the bed, closet, nightstand and a soft rug, and throw everything else out. If you don’t want to part with your belongings, there are many cheap and convenient storage companies like the one in Adelaide where you can move all the things that you don’t need. You might wish to give up minimalism after a while and it will be easy to go and get your things back.

While there is nothing that stops you from remodeling and redecorating your room and transforming it completely, sometimes it’s those simple and delicate changes that leave the best impression. Try to find inspiration and get creative with these easy tips, and transform your room into your own peaceful sanctuary.

Jasmine and lavender will help you sleep more peacefully, you can hang English ivy near the window for a more exotic event, and you can also try keeping aloe nearby, seeing as its gel has a number of soothing properties for your skin.