Is Tea good for the Heart? Yes, Tea is really good for Heart Health. Not only Tea but Coffee is also good for Health. We just need to take care is, How much sugar we use in Tea and Coffee. Let’s know How Drinking Tea or Coffee Does Not Affect The Heart.

Consumption of those or coffee does not affect the heart, unlike energy drinks, which can cause heart problems, revealed studies conducted by research centers prestigious in several countries, presented at the annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology, which began Saturday and Barcelona will end on Tuesday, news agency Europa Press.

Experts have said that neither coffee nor tea does not lead to an increased risk of death for cardiovascular reasons or other causes such as infections or cancer. A study conducted in France on 131 401 patients, aged between 18 and 95 years, showed that the mortality rate from cardiovascular causes not related to the consumption of tea and coffee.

There is a difference between fans of coffee and tea, first presenting a higher risk of disease cardiovascular but guilt is not coffee, but lifestyle generally associated with this drink, explained affirmed Almudena Castro, University Hospital La Paz in Madrid. More than half of heavy drinkers smoke coffee, while those who prefer tea lead a healthier life, do more sport and are thus protected from heart problems.

Congress in Barcelona Participants also discussed the link between energy drinks, alcohol and strenuous exercise. According to data from the European Food Safety (European Food Safety Autority EFSA), approximately 68% of adolescents 10-18 years and 30% of adults 18-65 years in Europe consume such drinks.

Research conducted in France by Spanish doctor Eduardo Alegria, a cardiologist in San Sebastián, highlighted the dangers associated with the consumption of these beverages. Data recorded from January 2009 to November 2013 by the French authorities in the field shows that half of the problems arising from intense physical effort association with energy drinks were cardiovascular in nature, definitely surpassing them on psychiatric or neurological.