Top 5 Electronic Signature Advantages For Business

Electronic Signature Advantages

Can you guess in which stage of the sales process your representatives spend most of their time? Is it prospecting, overcoming objections after sales pitch or administration?

Yes, on average, salespeople spend almost one-third of their time on tedious, administrative tasks such as entering data and managing the heavy paperwork. This is more than 25 percent of the time they spend actually selling to clients.

Top 5 Electronic Signature Advantages For Business by Implementing electronic signature software in sales operations workflow can empower salespeople to spend less time pushing paper and more time working on effective sales processes.

There are multiple big business advantages that go along with that.

Top 5 Electronic Signature Advantages

Sales contracts, renewal management, agreements, invoices, discount approvals, quotes, and more go into generating successful sales and nurturing a healthy and ongoing business relationship.

Empower your sales representatives and adopt an electronic signature solution and allow benefits ranging from reduced risk and robust revenue.

#1. Close Deals Anytime and Anywhere

More than 42 percent of employees in the United States engage in work-related tasks outside their workplace. Mobile technology signifies your business is always open.

Sales operations which cannot keep up with the digital transformation will be left in the dust as competitors will close more deals on their way to the office or while attending a meeting.

Sales operations will need to implement mobile-friendly Electronic Signature software so sales representatives are prepared to close revenue no matter where they are or what smart device they are using.

SutiSign enables users to create digitally, send, sign, and store significant sales contracts on desktop as well as on mobile.  Clients can easily access and sign documents through their smart device as soon as they receive them.

Documents or contracts are designed to be completed on mobile without missing out on advanced data validation and the ability to create agreements by populating data from third-party systems.

All crucial information you just gathered are not tied to a PDF, so it is free to flow into your backend software without time-consuming data entry.

#2. Scaled Sales

There will always be several documents when it comes to kicking off successful working relationships such as service agreements, quotes, contracts, NDAs, and so on.

In this age, there is no excuse for the amount of paperwork stalling sales or your ability to scale, especially not when you can take it online with Electronic Signature sales solution.

According to Forester Consulting, a physical sales contract typically has to be handled by four different people internally. As per their research, it takes 35 minutes of time for two different administrators and 20 minutes just to get the sales paperwork out of the door.

But after implementing an electronic signature solution, sales department observed the whole process accelerated to just 7 minutes in total. How can electronic signatures make such a drastic change? Thanks to integrations and time-saving templates.

Sales department can create reusable templates, so even the most complicated agreements can be turned around in a few minutes.

#3. Minimized Legal Risk and Enhanced Security

Today, it is essential that each sales organization strikes a balance between offering strong legal and security measures as well as empowering delightful sales experiences to keep their organization and its clients protected.

While purchasing an electronic signature solution, the sales representative should check for detailed audit trails to make sure every action on each electronic document is thoroughly monitored and time-stamped so it can never be tampered or changed without their knowledge.

Moreover, thorough authentication must verify that a user is the same person who claims to be before they are allowed to execute a signature.

High-level security ensures the data collected from the audit trails and authentication methods are reliable and legal while in-built compliance measures keep businesses updated on standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

#4. Consistent and Robust Revenue

Sales workflow with defined steps is not only considered awesome for closing revenue quickly, but it is also good for empowering your sales department to do it over again with minimal effort.

Using the Electronic Signature solution to automate repeatable sales workflow, businesses can rely on sales-generated revenue more in order to support present stability and fuel future development.

Additionally, revenue turns out to be more robust when sales electronic signature gets implemented. Organizations integrating eSign have been observed to grow revenue by 9 percent in the first year.

Ombud found that the average savings for each document were 20.00 USD that could tote up to thousands in savings depending on the scale of sales. This, by the way, is another area that will benefit from implementing Electronic Signature.

To Sum Up

It is observed that on average, it takes four extra days to collect signatures physically as opposed to electronically.

Sales representatives need to be able to view and control the contract process if they are going to accelerate the turnaround and with electronic signatures, that is exactly what they are able to do.

With good eSignature software, users can carefully define and assign each field, dictate order of events, gain complete visibility in the progress of the document, and also create reminders for the signers who are still left to sign.

With the help of automation and validation to figure out the workflow, signers do not have to slog through tedious questions, and salespeople are never stuck chasing down missing information.

Kevin Peterson is a content marketing enthusiast, freelance writer at SutiSoft, specializing in Business, ERP, Technology and Cloud/SaaS trends.

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