Enjoy long-term benefits from a short-term treatment plan

Not every individual is blessed with having the genes that present them with straight teeth in childhood or adulthood, but there are also many other factors that contribute to the incorrect alignment of teeth and jaws as they grow. One of the following factors may be the reason why a patient experiences crooked teeth, aside from genetics alone.

Prolonged thumb or comforter sucking during infancy can negatively impact on how teeth grow. It should be recognised however that having crooked baby teeth does not necessarily mean that teeth will be crooked in adulthood too.

Interestingly, it has been found that jaw size is restricted through modern diets, where softer foods do not allow the jaw to grow the size it once did. Teeth therefore may be crowded and forced to cross as they grow through and find that there is not enough space in the gums to accommodate them.

Poor nutrition, often seen in poverty, can also account for poor dental development among other concerns. This may be one of the underlying reasons as to why crooked teeth are judged so negatively by society.

However, with access to appropriate dental care, everyone who wishes to should be able to correct the alignment of their teeth and jaws. This can not only boost their confidence, but also reduce pain, allow them to eat correctly and comfortably, reduce the risk of severe injury during an accident and reduce the risk of dental disease and decay.

How is this possible?

With 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, patients can benefit from a fast and effective means by which to correct the alignment of their teeth. This should be so that they experience a healthier smile that they can be more comfortable sharing with others.

Many individuals do tend to cover up their smile when they are embarrassed or self-conscious about how it looks, but don’t tend to do anything about it because they are concerned with the cost, the discomfort and the length of time it will take in order for them to obtain their desired smile.

Here is where a procedure that boasts a six month long treatment can appeal to many. The discreet option takes advantage of the beneficial fixed braces option, giving the dentist more manipulative ability which is necessary for complex cases.

However, these fixed braces are unlike traditional devices as they consist of clear brackets and wires, meaning that they are difficult to see. This feature can be extremely beneficial to those people who are somewhat self-conscious about their appearance whilst undergoing a teeth straightening treatment; whether they are at school or in a business setting.

For a patient to find out whether this treatment programme is suitable for themselves, they should book a consultation with their dentist and ask whether 6 Month Smiles is appropriate for them. By having an open and honest discussion with their dental care practitioner, patients are able to glean valuable information about the condition of their smile and what the best solutions may be for them to achieve the smile of their dreams.

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