While living in rented spaces, you might have already made a rational plan of your own house. Homelessness is the right time to think and plan about your future home. While executing the designing and décor part of your home, your living room sure tops the list since this is a high traffic space where you spend a great deal of your time.

A mixture of contemporary and conventional styles, these living room ideas are sure to spur constructive ideas for your future home.

Sunken Living Room

A sunken living room sits on a lower level from the kitchen and the dining area that enjoys seclusion from the usual hubbub of your home. Even though a sunken living room is a permanent structural change that doesn’t offer flexibility of furniture arrangement, this space sure makes for a warm and inviting chatter space. Consider adding hand woven Persian rugs to add on to the warmth of sunken living rooms.

Open Floor Plan Living Room

Open floor plans have their roots in American homes; it is a home design in which only the bathroom and bedroom are enclosed private spaces while all the other areas remain open and interlinked without enclosures. This kind of open floor plan calls for an airy living room. If you would like to break this excessive openness, consider adding French doors and clerestory windows to separate your living room and to build drama in your open floor plan.

Cottage-Style Living Room

A cottage-inspired living room flaunts rich wood structures in the form of wooden ceiling, doors and furniture; a place that is high on natural elements. Beamed wooden ceiling that is comparatively high is a signature pattern of cottage-styled living rooms. Other additions like hurricane lanterns, hand-woven rugs and a natural focal point like a fireplace best complement a living room of this sort.

High Ceiling Living Room

However small you plan your living room to be, if you aim for a high ceiling, your living room dramatically becomes a huge place. When the altitude of a space increases, it naturally increases the inflow of light and air. When it comes to decorating this space, the pattern of your ceiling whether sloped or flat also poses a challenge to decorate since you are talking about a high altitude. Lighting fixtures like a chandelier that hangs low would be an ideal addition to a living room of this sort.

Living Room With Low-Laid Roof

A living room with a low-lying roof creates a feeling of a cozy nook for sure. Consider layering your furniture with multiple textiles to add on to the luxury of this snug space; layer your furniture with wool, cashmere and silk, handmade wool rug can be layered on a sisal rug to create a comfortable living room. If you are stuck with a low-laid roof without an option, you can always consider creating an illusion of large space; ceiling-to-floor drapes can make your space appear airy or you can add mirrors to reflect light and to create a feeling of roominess.

While the above living room ideas are some of the most incredible and popular living room concepts, this list of different living room types is not an exhaustive list; there is an array of many other living room types you can consider when your own house plans actually start to materialize.

Author Bio: This article was written by Juliana. She loves interior designing, home décor and DIY projects.