Fjord Cruise in Norway

Norway is one of the most popular and beautiful countries in the world with its popular fjords and majestic mountains. Everyone loves to explore this picturesque landscape by foot, boat, bike or car. Whether you want to visit the appealing wonders of Northern lights or massive glacier, Norway is a great adventurous spot, which is worth visiting in any season. There are many unique and exotic places where you will definitely be tempted by lush green nature.

Western Fjords and Bergen

Though the fjords are found all through the country and are not confined to specific location or region, the famous and dramatic fjords are mostly found along the West Norway. These western fjords differ slightly in terms of appearance as they are relatively narrow and surrounded by tall mountains and steep rock faces.

The most popular fjords of Norway include Naeroyfjord and Geirangerfjord. You can use Yatra coupons to reserve your flight tickets and travel to western fjords. Bergen is the second largest city of Norway and is currently serving as the best tourist destination and working port for worldwide visitors who are interested to taste some delicious foods at popular seaside restaurants.

Even though, Bergen is a home for the scenic fjords and neighboring islands, there are plenty other things to see within this city.

Lofoten Islands and Stavanger

Lofoten is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the country. This group of islands is located in the northern part of the country whereas its small fishing villages are nestled in fjords. The archipelago is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Norway.

Even though the archipelago is located above the Arctic Circle similar to that of Greenland, it takes pleasure in a considerably mild climatic condition caused by the circulation of Gulf Stream. To save some money in your destination.

Stavanger is another exotic place in the country which comes with long sandy beaches that make this destination an ideal summer destination for those people who want to enjoy sunbathing with the Scandinavian explorations.

The harbor is the most famous stopping point for those cruise ships visiting the fjords. Rogaland Kunst Museum includes an exemplary exhibition of Norwegian art, whereas the Stavanger Cathedral is the best medieval church which is worth visiting.


Oslo is the most populated and the capital city of Norway. In fact, it is a vibrant city with a laidback atmosphere and confident attitude. Taking the shape of horseshoe, the shores of Oslo fjords impress everyone visiting here.

Two third of the city is stuffed with green forests, parks and spaces whereas one third is town. So, this is the best place in the country where one can take part in biking and hiking activities. Oslo is also a culturally rich city with lively bars, restaurants and museums.

There are more than 50 museums in the country and the most popular ones are Munch Museum that includes The Scream and several other works by Edvard Munch. It is also a home to Folkemuseet which is an outdoor museum that has more than one hundred and fifty historic buildings embracing a Stave Church.